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Raychem PolyCrimp Splices Heat-Shrinkable | TE Connectivity

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Tyco Electronics / Raychem PolyCrimp Heat-Shrinkable Crimp Splices

PolyCrimp heat-shrinkable crimp splices are designed to join two wires in a butt splice configuration. The product incorporates a one-piece, adhesive lined polyethylene-insulating sleeve with a pre-installed, seamless crimp barrel. In addition to effective electrical insulating properties and protection from the environment, the splices also provide good strain relief. Typical applications are for use in aftermarket automotive applications, marine applications, traffic control systems, industrial use as well as do-it-yourself repairs and maintenance.

PolyCrimp heat-shrinkable crimp splices are rated for 600 VAC and have a shrink ratio of approximately 2:1. The insulation is color coded to help identify the proper product. Three color-coded versions are available: red, blue and yellow. Red accommodates 22-18 AWG wire, blue accommodates 16-14AWG wire and yellow accommodates 12-10AWG wire.

The product is suitable for operating temperatures ranging from –55℃ to 125℃ and has a minimum shrink temperature of 150℃. Bulk quantities of 500 or 1,000 are available in boxed packaging.

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