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Raychem NBCCS Tubing Heat-Shrinkable | TE Connectivity

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Raychem NBCCS Tubing Heat-Shrinkable | Tyco Electronics

TE Connectivity has introduced the Raychem 700 Series of nuclear, biological and chemical contamination survivable (NBCCS) harnessing systems. This new integrated harnessing system consists of Raychem brand heat-shrinkable tubing, molded parts, wire, cable, adhesives, adapters and other components necessary for system interconnection. Harnesses manufactured with Raychem 700 Series NBCCS components are typically used in battlefield vehicles, military hardware and other combat electronics/electrical systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Hardened tubing can withstand the damaging effect of NBC contamination and decontamination
  • Maximum use of materials that do not absorb contaminants and facilitate rapid removal with decontaminants
  • Survivable after live agent exposure to HD, VX & TGD at interior and exterior exposure levels
  • Decontaminable using DS-2 & STB
  • RT-770, RT-780 and RT-790 tubing and molded parts meets all the flammability and fluid resistance demands of current military ground vehicles
  • TE Connectivity also offers compatible adhesives, wire and other harness components designed for the same environmental survivability


  • Military Ground Vehicles

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