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AMP Z-DOK Connectors | TE Connectivity

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Tyco Electronics AMP Z-DOK Connectors

The CHAMP Z-Dok Connector system includes two options for systems designers. The fiirst option is the Z-Dok connector, which provides the following features:

              • Robust, blind-mateable, high-speed docking connector
              • Data rates up to 6.250 Gb/s (Double XAUI speeds)
              • Differential pair, 100 ohm, low cross talk
              • Available with and without sensing contacts
              • Position sizes form 8 to 72 differential pair in increments of 8 differential pair modules
              • Unique Tri-Q contact system that provides a 2 to 1 signal to ground ratio for maintaining superior signal integrity

The second option is the CHAMP Z-Dok+, which includes a high-speed section with the same features as standard Z-Dok and adds up to 3 "Utility" modules to each side of the connector. Each “Utility” module provides flexibility for sytems designers to include power, ground, ESD and sensing functions to I/O adapter cards and docking applications.

The Z-Dok+ Connector System can be provided in the same position sizes as the standard Z-Dok (8 to 72 differential pair). The Utility modules can be added to either side of the high-speed section with a maximum of three (3) on each side. This arrangement will provide a total of six (6) positions for the power, ground, ESD and sensing funtions. Four different length contacts can be loaded into the “Utility” modules to provide the ultimate desgin flexibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes high speed and utility contacts in one connector
  • Operating bandwidth up to 10+ Gb/s
  • Robust 4-row, blindmate design
  • Utilizes TRI-Q differential pair contact system providing 2-to-1 signal to ground ratio
  • Uniform 100Ω impedance with less than 3% crosstalk
  • Available in 8-pair increments from 8-72 pair
  • Utility contacts can be arranged on either end of the connector
  • Utility contacts are available in four lengths to accommodate power, ground, ESD, and sensing design requirements


  • High Speed Telecommunications Equipment
  • Co-planar Docking
  • Enterprise Switching Equipment
  • Mid-range and High-end Servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • High Speed Custom Platforms

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