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OARS Current Sense Resistor | IRC/TT-Electronics

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IRC OARS Current Sense Resistor

OARS precision surface mount current sense resistor is available as a one watt or a three watt.  The OARS series resistors feature a resistive element with a unique open air “flow through” design that keeps the resistor’s “hot spot” safely off the PC board and allows air to circulate around it, contributing to cooler operations through increased heat dissipation.  The unique lead form of the OARS resistors provide an inherent advantage in compliance to the mechanical stress caused by thermal cycling. The welded copper terminals in the OARS Series also provide a low-resistance terminal to enhance reliable performance for demanding applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior thermal expansion cycling
  • Flameproof
  • Inducctance less than 10 nanohenries
  • Lead flexible for thermal expansion


  • Current Sensing
  • Feedback
  • Low Inductance
  • Surge and Pulse
  • AC applications

Additional Information: