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The TTI / KEMET Advantage

KEMET distributor of the yearTTI, Inc. is the world’s leading passive and connector specialist in the electronics industry.  TTI is also KEMET’s number one distributor.  As the number one distributor of KEMET components, TTI was first in the industry to offer KEMET’s new AO-CAP aluminum polymer surface-mount capacitor.  TTI’s marketing strengths and specialized sales force can quickly get valuable product information to customers, work with engineers to explain the new technologies, and provide sample parts for new product trials.  TTI is committed to working with KEMET to provide the customer with the right parts in the right quantity at the right time.  This level of commitment and service has resulted in TTI winning the KEMET Distributor of the Year award three years consecutively.  This is KEMET’s most prestigious award and further confirms TTI’s position as the forefront distributor in the passive industry.  Being the largest distributor of KEMET components comes with its benefits, which are passed on to TTI’s customers, thus creating the unique TTI/KEMET Advantage.

Massive Inventory

Because TTI is KEMET’s number one distributor the company can stock larger and deeper inventories than its competitors, allowing shorter lead times to be passed to TTI’s customers.  The value created by the TTI and KEMET team results in in-stock parts and a knowledgeable sales team that is unmatchable in the industry.  TTI has the largest inventories of the KEMET product line including surface-mount capacitors in aluminum, ceramic and tantalum as well as leaded capacitors in ceramic and tantalum.  Through TTI, KEMET is able to offer capacitor solutions for every type of electronic equipment, including computers, telecommunications, automotive electronics, military electronics, medical electronics and consumer electronics.  Should you need additional assistance, our customer service team is ready to help at 1-800-CALL-TTI.

Hard-To-Find Parts

TTI has the largest inventory of common parts as well as rare parts that are generally more difficult to find.  TTI’s long established relationship with KEMET and its unique business model affords TTI the opportunity not only to access rare parts but usually have them in stock and ready to ship.  This allows the customer a shorter down time while waiting on the parts to arrive, saving valuable time and money.  In addition to hard-to-find parts, TTI received the exclusive right to distribute the AO-CAP aluminum polymer surface mount capacitor when it was first introduced and has the knowledgeable sales team to support it.

Award-Winning Sales and Service

On October 18, 2007, TTI was honored with the KEMET Distributor of the Year award in North America, Europe, and Asia. This unprecedented "Triple Crown" accomplishment has never been achieved by a KEMET distributor. The recognition marks the fourth consecutive year TTI North America has received this honor and is a second-time honor for TTI Europe.

TTI is the largest distributor of KEMET components. These two awards affirm TTI's commitment to be the world's leading passive specialist and illustrate the advantage of the twenty year business relationship between the two companies.

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