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KEMET PHZ9004 X2 Plastic Film Capacitor

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KEMET PHZ9004 metallized polypropylene (plastic) film capacitors feature very low losses and the lowest dielectric absorption of all film dielectric materials. KEMET PHZ9004 capacitors have a very high dielectric strength and high insulation resistance with a negative temperature coefficient. KEMET PHZ9004 metallized plastic film capacitors are typically used in AC applications and mains filtering, but are also used as stable oscillators and filters. KEMET PHZ9004 metallized plastic film capacitors exhibit self healing characteristics that works if a conducting particle or voltage surge punctures the dielectric, an arc occurs at the point of failure, thus melting the surrounding metal and insulating the area of the breakdown. In metallized plastic film dielectrics a breakdown causes a reduction of the insulation resistance due to a higher carbon deposit in the breakdown channel compared to paper film dielectrics.

KEMET PHZ9004 X2 Capacitors:

KEMET PHZ9004 - X2
KEMET EMI Suppression Capacitors
Evox Rifa PHZ9004 Capacitor
International Standard: IEC 60384-14; EN132400
Rated Voltage VAC (VDC): 300 VAC
Test Voltage (Factory test): 2200 VDC
Max. Temp °C: 110 °C
Capacitance range:μF 0.001 uF - 1.0 uF
Capacitance Tolerances: 20 ±%
Climatic Category (IEC 60068) 55/105/56
Lead Spacing, mm 27.5, 37.5
Packaging Bulk in boxes
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KEMET PHZ9004 X2 Capacitors

Evox Rifa PHZ9004 Capacitor

Features & Benefits:

  • Low profile triple capacitor
  • Three capacitors in one box
  • X2 Class
  • Meet IEC humidity class, 56 days
  • Lowest dielectric absorption: 0.01%
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Interference suppressors in X2 applications
  • Across-the-Line X2 Applications for three phases

Additional Information:

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