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KEMET PHE850 Y2 Plastic Film Capacitors

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KEMET PHE850 Y2 capacitors have worldwide safety agency approvals and a wide capacitance range. They offer superior self-healing properties in combination with a small size and competitive price. Self-healing is the protection method so that if a voltage surge punctures the dielectric, the heat generated at the point of failure melts the surrounding metal and insulates the area of the breakdown. KEMET PHE850 Y2 capacitors are rated 300VAC and are dielectric withstand tested with 5,000VDC and 2,500VAC. They are also quite stable over the temperature range of -55°C to +110°C, having only a slightly negative temperature coefficient.

KEMET PHE850 Y2 Capacitors:

KEMET Evox Rifa EMI Suppression Capacitors
Evox Rifa PHE850 Capacitor
International Standard: IEC 60384-14; EN132400; UL1283, UL1414 CUL22.2 No. 1 and No. 8
Rated Voltage VAC (VDC): 300 VAC
Test Voltage (Factory test): 5000 VDC (2500 VAC)
Max. Temp °C: 110 °C
Capacitance range:μF 0.001 uF - 1.0 uF
Capacitance Tolerances: 20 ±%
Climatic Category (IEC 60068) 55/110/56/B
In DC applications, recommended voltage: ≤ 1250 VDC
Lead Spacing, mm 10.0, 15.0, 22.5, 27.5, 37.5
Packaging Bulk in boxes, on tray or taped on reels
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KEMET PHE850 Y2 Capacitors:

Evox Rifa PHE850 Capacitor

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior self-healing properties
  • Small size including low profile dimensions
  • Wide capacitance range, up to 1µF
  • Wide temperature range, -55° to +110°C
  • Excellent temperature coefficient, -200ppm/°C
  • Meets agency approvals (US and International)
  • Self-extinguishing UL 94V-0 encapsulation material
  • Dielectric withstand tested at 5,000VDC and 2,500VAC
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Interference suppressors in Y2 applications
  • Line-to-Earth Y2 Applications

Additional Information:

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