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IPDs - Integrated Passive Components | KOA Speer

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IPDs - Integrated Passive Components | KOA Speer

R(X)A Thin Film Resistor Networks are available with absolute tolerances available are; +5%, +2%, +1%, +0.1%, with a ratio tolerance as fine as +0.05%. DN(X) diode terminator network offers the dual function of providing ESD suppression for critical machine interface applications with low capacitance (2pF Typ.) and ±15kV contact discharge ESD sinking capability. ED(X) ESD Protection Diodes are highly reliable protection devices featuring excellent ESD suppression performance with (16kV) IEC-61000-4-2 rating. The PGE unidirectional ESD/transient suppressors are designed to protect sensitive electronics from damage due to voltage transient events. Where as the PGD diode networks are bi-directional ESD suppressors designed to protect sensitive low voltage systems- offer a 16kV ESD suppression rating and a 5.1A 8/20us transient rating.

Features & Benefits:

  • R(X)A: Resistance range of 10Ω - 10MΩ
  • DN(X): Leakage current @ 7V: 1uA ED(X): Capacitance @ 1Mhz: 20pf and 15pF
  • PGE: Working voltage: 5V
  • PGD: Working voltage: 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V


  • ESD Suppression
  • Transient Suprression
  • PCs/Laptops
  • Signal Termination

Additional Information: