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TSL, SL, SLN - Molded Current Sense Resistors | KOA Speer

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TSL, SL, SLN - Molded Current Sense Resistors | KOAThe TSL, SL, and SLN are effective as both current sense and power resistors available in 0.75, 1, 2, and 3 watt devices. The lead frame design allows for low resistance values and a closer match in temperature coefficient of expansion to the substrate when compared to product made with a ceramic substrate. Available in 2010, 2512 and 4528 packages, with resistance ranges from 3m ~ 22M, and tolerances of ±0.5, ±1, ±2 and ±5%.  The TSL, SL and SLN series offer excellent terminal strength and reliability, as well as exceptional dimensional accuracy. UL approved, these flame resistance devices have an operating temperature range of +180°C. The TSL, SL & SLN devices are appropriate for applications utilizing resistors such as DC to DC conversion, power supplies, motor controls and automotive systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Molded Package
  • Tolerances down to ±0.5%
  • TCR down to 75ppm/°C
  • Resistance ranges from 3m ~ 22MΩ
  • Power Rating of 0.75, 1, 2, and 3 Watt
  • TSL - Low profile package - 1mm


  • DC to DC Power Conversion
  • Power Supplies
  • Motor Controls
  • Battery Management Controls

Additional Information: