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Varistors - MLA Automotive Series | Littelfuse

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littelfuse-Varistors-MLA-Automotive-SeriesThe MLA Automotive Series of transient-voltage surge suppression devices is based on the Littelfuse multilayer fabrication technology. These components are designed to suppress a variety of transient events, including those specified in IEC 61000-4-2 or other standards used for electromagnetic compliance (EMC). Typically the MLA automotive series varistor is applied to protect integrated circuits and other components at the circuit board level.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suppression of inductive switching or other transient events such as EFT and surge voltage at the circuit board level
  • ESD protection for IEC 61000-4-2, MIL-STD-883C method 3015.7, and other industry specifications
  • Provides on-board transient voltage protection for ICs and transistors
  • Used to help achieve electromagnetic compliance of end products
  • Replaces larger surface-mount TVS zeners in many applications


  • Air flow sensor manufacturers
  • Battery control unit manufacturers
  • DC/DC converter and inverter manufacturers
  • Engine control unit (ECU) manufacturers
  • Temperature measurement manufacturers
  • Throttle control valve manufacturers
  • Wiper module manufacturers
  • Airbag control unit manufacturers
  • Braking-system control unit (ABS/ESP) manufacturers
  • Sun roof manufacturers
  • Dashboard systems manufacturers

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