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5 x 20mm Fuses | Littelfuse

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Littelfuse | 5 x 20mm FusesLittelfuse offers the most extensive range of fuses available. The 5 x 20mm series fuses include fast-acting, medium-acting and Slo-Blo in ceramic or glass construction as well as a wide range of ratings to choose from. These fuses are available in cartridge form or with axial leads.  Upon request, different forming configurations can be accomodated.  The Littefuse 5 x 20mm fuses are available in a wide current rating range (32mA to 25A ) with an operating range from -55°C to 125°C.   The Littelfuse 5 x 20mm series fuses  are designed to IEC specifications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in cartridge or axial leads forms
  • Wide range of current ratings (32mA - 25A)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-55°C to 125°C)
  • RoHS compliant and Lead-free
  • Meets IEC 60127-2 (except series 232)
  • Glass construction (except series 215, 216)
    • Ceramic construction on series 215, 216 and 234
  • Fast-acting
    • Series 216, 217, 235
  • Medium-acting
    • Series 232, 233, 234 Slo-Blo
    • Series 213, 215, 218, 239
  • Voltage 125V or 250V


  • Power Supply
  • Consumer Electronics (video equipment, handheld portables)
  • Lighting systems
  • Medical equipment

Additional Information: