Molex - Automotive Connectors

MX150™ Stac64™ Mizu-P25™ Mini50™ Unsealed Connector System


Product Offering
Single-row receptacles (33471)
Dual-row receptacles (33472)
Single-row connectors (33481)
Dual-row connectors (33482)
Hybrid receptacles (33476)
Hybrid connectors (33486)
Cavity plug (34345)
Female terminals (33001, 33012)
Male blade terminals (33000, 33011)
MX150.png Markets
Automotive and non-automotive transportation
Reduced 3.50mm (1.38") pitch housing design supports single-row configurations and dual-row configurations
Pre-assembled housing, seal, TPA and matte-seal connector shipped as single assembly for cost savings
Protective matte-seal cap protects and provides strain relief to wire seal interface
High connector and terminal retention forces exceed USCAR-2 Rev 4 specifications
Integral Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) assures that crimped terminal leads are properly locked into the connector
Tested to: USCAR, J2030, GMW3191, Volvo Test Specification and AK
More Info Things to Consider
What is the application?
Is a sealed system required?
Does the system need to meet USCAR-2 Rev. 4 specifications?
Does the system require terminal locking assurance?