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iPass+™ High Density (HD) Active Optical Cables | Molex

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iPass+™ High Density (HD) Active Optical Cables | Molex)

Molex’s iPass+ HD AOCs are designed to work with next-generation SAS 3.0, 12 Gbps storage equipment. iPass+ HD AOCs offer reduced cable bulk, improved cable management and long reach, providing system designers increased flexibility when designing, configuring and deploying next-generation equipment.

Data rates up to 48 Gbps are achieved with four lanes each operating at 12 Gbps. Molex’s iPass+ High Density (HD) system is referenced as mini-SAS HD in the SAS 3.0 and SAS 2.1 standards. The reduced size of the iPass+ HD system provides additional board space for system designers to implement more I/O ports.

The iPass+ HD system enables four, 4x ports on a low-profile PCIe card, doubling the port density on a low-profile PCIe card and for host systems. The small diameter optical cable used with the new AOC provides an additional benefit, as they are much easier to route through the cable management system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compliant to SAS 3.0 and SAS 2.1 (optical) up to 100 meters in length
  • Small 3.00mm cable outer diameter
  • Highest-density AOC design, nearly double the density of current QSFP+ AOCs
  • Targeted low power consumption of 0.9W per cable end
  • Cables available in standard lengths up to100m
  • Meets SAS-3 high-density parameters
  • Cable is compliant with SAS-3 (12 Gbps) (systems with optical-mode capability), InfiniBand* (10 Gbps), Ethernet (10 Gbps) and other protocols
  • Cable is backward compatible with 6 Gbps SAS-2.1 optical-mode capable systems (not SAS 2.0)


  • Data Center and Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Storage racks
  • JBODs
  • Storage Controllers
  • HBAs (Host Bus Adapters) servers
  • RAIDs (Redundant Array of Individual Disks)

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