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iPass+™ High-Speed Channel (HSC) CXP System | Molex

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iPass+™ High-Speed Channel (HSC) CXP System | Molex

The iPass+ HSC CXP system is the latest addition to the existing iPass™ product family and enables pluggable copper or optical options, thereby increasing the flexibility of system-level hardware for end users. This dual paddle-card system was adopted as the InfiniBand* CXP 12x QDR standard in July 2008. This system was also adopted by IEEE 802.3ba, as the 100G Ethernet standard, providing 10 lanes of 10 Gbps data rates.

iPass+ HSC CXP products:

Integrated Connector (series 76105)
By leveraging high-speed wafer technology and compliant pin tails, Molex developed a higher density, 12-channel connector system capable of achieving Quad Data Rates (QDR) of 10 Gbps.  This one piece press-fit connector and cage assembly provides one-step placement to the board

Stacked Dual-Port Integrated Connector (series 76024)
This stacked dual-port connector and cage assembly integrates two individual 12x ports into a single press-fit connector that provides one-step placement to the board.

Copper Cable Assemblies (series 111025)
These copper cables are designed to accommodate single, ganged or stacked connector configurations in extremely high-density requirements.  CXP passive copper cables are available in a variety of lengths.

Features & Benefits:

  • One piece integrated press-fit connector and cage
  • Provides one step placement to PCB, lowering board processing time
  • Front elastomeric gasket and electro magnetic interference (EMI) protection fingers
  • Provide optimized EMI protection to face plate
  • Dual paddle-card design
  • Provides cost-effective, high-density solution (Each cable port is capable of up to 120 Gbps)
  • Zinc die-cast back shells on cable plug
  • Provides 360° electro magnetic interference (EMI) signal shielding
  • MTP/MPO CXP connector interface
  • Meets CXP interface specification
  • Low-profile, round cable
  • Improved cable management over flat cable, with 360° cable-routing capability


  • High performance computing
    • Controller cards and servers
    • Switches
    • Direct attached storage (DAS)
  • Data centers
    • Controller cards and servers
    • Switches
    • Blades
    • Storage attached networks (SAN)
  • Networking
    • NIC cards and servers
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Network attached storage (NAS)

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