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SolderRight™ Direct-Solder Terminals | Molex

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SolderRight™ Direct-Solder Terminals | MolexFrom laptop computers to handheld devices, electronic systems, products, and packaging are becoming exponentially smaller. Until now, users were forced to either solder a bare wire into a PCB and bend it over (resulting in poor reliability and a higher-profile termination), or use a two-piece connector system (with a higher cost and higher profile). SolderRight™ Crimp Terminals solve both of these issues. With an industry need for low-profile packaging, reduced wire connections, permanently connected circuits, and higher standards of reliability, SolderRight Crimp Terminals are the only board-in crimp solder options in the market that address all of these points.

Features & Benefits:

  • Right-angle mounting orientation
  • Multiple terminal/wire size ranges (14 to 28 AWG)
  • Twin solder pins
  • Solder pins positioned between the insulation and conductor crimps
  • Single terminal, one-piece crimp design
  • Lowered profile from 3.50 to 1.95mm


  • Consumer Appliances / White Goods
  • Industrial
  • Networking and Telecommunication Applications
  • Power Supplies
  • Automotive Vehicle electronics
  • Medical
    • Patient monitors
    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Therapeutic devices

Additional Information: