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Molex Fiber Optic Backplane Connectors

Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to fiber optic backplane connectors.

Molex BLC backplane connectorsBLC LC Backplane Connector System
Our BLC is specifically designed to provide a smooth transition from the PCB mounted and pigtailed active devices to the backplane fiber optic components using a standard LC interface. (View More)

Molex BMTP backplane connectorsBMTP MTP Backplane Interconnect System
Based on the NTT MT ferrule and MTP push-pull ribbon fiber connector, the BMTP interconnect is a high density solution for today's space constrained fiber optic systems. (View More)

Molex BSC / BSCII backplane connectorsBSC / BSCII SC Backplane Connector System
The BSC and BSCII backplane connector systems have been designed to provide a smooth transition from the board mounted and pigtailed devices (LED's, lasers, receivers, and WDM devices) to the SC based fiber optic network. (View More)

Molex FlexPlane backplane connectorsFlexPlane
Molex's FlexPlane™ optical flex circuit offers one of the highest density routings available on a flexible, flame-retardant substrate and provides a manageable means of fiber routing from card-to-card or shelf-to-shelf. (View More)

Molex HBMT backplane connectorsHBMT MT High Density Backplane Interconnect System
Utilizing a standard MT ferrule as the optical interface, the HBMT provides up to 96 fiber interconnects. (View More)

Molex LC-2 metallic optical connectorsLC-2 Metallic Optical Connectors
Innovatively designed LC-2 connectors are a ruggedized, all metal housed version of the familiar LC small form factor optical connectors. (View More)

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