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Detachable Board-to-Board Connectors | Molex

Molex offers a variety of spring-loaded, board-to-board panel detachable and bezel connectors. These connectors were developed to provide a simple way of detaching the front panel of car radio systems to prevent theft.

While car audio is still the main application today, the connectors are finding use in other board-to-board applications as well. Molex offers two-piece systems and a one-piece "bezel"-type that offer many of the same features.

Molex's detachable connectors are durable due to the high number of mating cycles they can withstand (10,000 to 20,000 cycles), as well as their blind mating capability. This product line features pitch sizes ranging from 1.00m to 2.20mm and is available in 8 to 15 circuits.

Molex's Detachable Bezel connector is based on the same principal as spring-loaded and leaf style battery contacts used in mobile phones. It mates directly with a PCB and no mating connector is required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Generous Misalignment Tolerances (Blind Mate Capability)
  • High Mating Cycles (High Durability)
  • Variety of Circuit Sizes (Design Flexibility)
  • Varity of Pitch Sizes(Design Flexibility)
  • One or Two Piece Systems (Design Flexibility)


  • Detachable Radio Panel
  • Hand-held Scanner
  • Flip-Down Radio Panel
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Two-Way Radio