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FC Connectors and Adapters | Molex

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FC Connectors and Adapters | Molex

The Molex FC connector series connectors and adapters are designed to NTT-FC* standards and provides true non-optical disconnect performance. They are fully compatible with existing FC hardware. This connector system utilizes a threaded coupling mechanism.  The Molex pre-assembled, 1-piece body design and the pre-polished ferrules provide quick and economical terminations both in factory and in-the-field settings. Also, with the pre-polished ferrule and the Molex termination method, a uniform endface geometry is ensured, resulting in consistent optical performance.

The Molex connector mating is achieved by using bulkhead feed-through adapters. These adapters combine a metal housing and either a precision ceramic or a rugged metal alignment sleeve. Flange mount or "D" hole mount adapter styles are available.

*NTT-FC is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

Features & Benefits:

  • One-piece body design
    • Reduces termination time
    • Field installable (essentially pre-assembled)
  • Pre-polished ceramic ferrules
    • Minimum polishing needed
    • Maintains endface geometry, physical contact
  • Low insertion loss
    • Singlemode <.15 dB typical
    • Multimode <.34 dB typical
    • Multimode Enhanced <.17 dB typical


  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV networks
  • Active device termination
  • Instrumentation

Additional Information: