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Vertical and Bottom Entry Modular Jacks | Molex

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The high-speed vertical jacks provide Category 5 performance for networking and Fast Ethernet applications. The low profile version is the lowest available in the market. The bottom entry modular jack saves space in PCB designs.

Shielding is available on many jacks to prevent electromagnetic interference. An internal shield is also available on some jacks to save PCB space. Vertical modular jacks are offered in SMT and through hole variations to accomodate a variety of soldering processes. All Molex modular jacks are 100% continuity and hi-pot tested.

Features & Benefits:

  • High speed jacks 100% tested
    • Meet NEXT requirements of -40 dB at 100MHz
  • SMT vertical mounting
    • Automatic vacuum placement possible
    • SMT process lowers manufacturing costs
  • Low profile versions
    • Allows for tight board stacking
  • RJ11 and RJ45 offerings
    • Provide flexibility for a variety of design applications
  • 50µ" gold plating option meets FCC 68.5
    • Approved for all FCC licensed applications


  • Networking and Telecom
  • Office & Home Equipment
  • Medical Analysis Equipment
  • Industrial Controls

Additional Information: