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EXTreme MicroPower™ High-Current Header | Molex

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EXTreme MicroPower™ Header | MolexDesigned for high-current density applications, Molex's EXTreme MicroPower header is soldered directly to PCBs such as a Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) or a mother-board using a slotted via. With a current rating of 16.0A per blade at 30° T-rise, Micro-Max Power may be used in any board-to-board application where power transfer is needed through a non-separable interface in a compact design.  EXTreme MicroPower headers are available in circuit sizes ranging from 4-to-24 blades in a single-row configuration. Optional voided circuits are available to allow for use in high-voltage applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • 4.17mm (.164) connector height off the PCB
    • Low-profile design enhances system airflow
  • Non-separable interface
    • Allows for higher-current and greater density capability with lower resistance plane-to-plane compared to similar products with separable interfaces or standard stick headers
  • Compact size
    • Improves airflow and saves PCB space
  • Optional voided circuits
    • Design flexibility for high-voltage applications
  • Two blade lengths available
  • Accommodates 1.57 to 2.36mm (.050 to .093) PCB thickness
  • Reliable and compact where change-out is not needed
  • Easily adaptable to many applications
  • Saves PCB space on small cards and tight mounting envelopes


  • VRM modules or any application for point-of-load power transfer
  • Small Form Factor (SFF)
    • PCs
    • workstations
    • servers
    • routers
    • switches

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