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microSD Card Connector | Molex

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microSD_molexMolex has expanded its broad line of microSD connectors to include new versions that reduce memory card fly-out and sticking problems in mobile and compact devices. Available in various profiles, the new versions include a detect terminal with a wiping function to assure good electrical contact. Along with the standard push-push types Molex also offers a hinge-type version for mid-board layouts, and an economical push-pull version in different profile heights.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra small size
  • Hinge and push-push types
  • Metal shielding with shell tabs
  • Gold-plated beveled contacts
  • Wide open area on shells
  • Solder tails on inside of design
  • Detect Switch
  • Brake feature


  • Mobile Phones
  • PDAs
  • Portable Audio Players
  • Digital Cameras
  • Any Mobile Device

Additional Information: