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Mini-Fit SMC™ | Molex

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Mini-Fit SMC™ | Molex

The Mini-Fit SMC™ is a surface mount compatible product from the well-known Mini-Fit family.

This product is designed for high current/high density applications which require high temperature resistance up to 245°C to withstand the soldering processes.

The patented metal retention clip is retained during and after the soldering process. It is appropriate for both power and signal applications as it can carry currents of up to 12 amperes per circuit and has a 10m ohm contact resistance.

The Mini-Fit product family accepts the same terminals and application tooling, further reducing your design and qualification effort.


Features & Benefits:

  • Current rating up to 9.0A per circuit
  • 600V rating
  • Positive housing locks
  • Fully isolated terminals
  • Low engagement force terminals
  • Available in 94V-2 and 94V-0 materials
  • UL recognized, CSA certified, TUV licensed
  • 10m ohm contact resistance


  • PCs
  • Business Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Power Supply Manufacturing
  • Home Entertainment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Medical Equipment