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MA Series High Frequency Capacitor | Murata

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murata-MA-Series-High-Frequency-CapacitorMurata's MA family of RF, hi-Q ceramic multilayer capacitors represents the state of the art in high frequency, high-power performance in the miniaturized cubical chip format. Manufactured to the most demanding standards, these capacitors are ideal for RF filtering, bypassing, and impedance matching at frequencies up to 1.0GHz. They are available in either case size 1 (0.055” x 0.055”) or case size 2 (0.110” x 0.110”), in either P90 or C0G dielectric, over a cap range of 0.1 to 5200pF and voltages from 50 to 500VDC. The MA family features RoHS compliant Nickel barrier/Tin plated terminations, with Palladium internal electrodes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Miniature Cubical Form Factor
  • High-Q, Low Loss Dielectrics
  • Ni Barrier with Sn overcoat (Available without Ni Barrier)
  • Minimum ESL
  • Efficient, temperature-stable performance
  • Leach-resistant soldering, [RoHS Compliant]
  • Required in "non-magnetic" applications


  • Professional Grade Communications Equipment
  • Microwave Amplifiers
  • RF Impedance Matching
  • High-Q Tuned Circuits

Additional Information: