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TZ Miniature Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor | Murata

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TZ Miniature Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor | MurataMurata's TZ family of miniature trimmer capacitors is ideally suited to the requirements for an economical, space-saving, high-performance tuning capacitor in all kinds of digital clock and timing circuits as well as RF receiving and transmitting circuits. Seven trim-cap styles are offered exclusively in SMD format, with footprints from 1.5mm x 1.7mm up to 4.0mm x 4.5mm, and tuning ranges from 0.5-1.0pF up to 10-120pF.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sealed types available
  • High voltage TZW4 (250VDC)
  • Ultra-miniaturized TZR1
  • Self-centering rotor (many styles)
  • Can withstand PCB cleaning processes
  • Base station PA tuning
  • Best for HF designs due to very high SRF
  • Recommended for auto-turning processes


  • Crystal Oscillator Fine-Tuning
  • Cordless & Cellular Phones
  • Base Stations
  • Wireless Products & Equipment
  • Radio-controlled Eequipment
  • Frequency Compensation Circuits

Additional Information: