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The long term partnership between Murata Electronics and TTI enables two of the most regarded names in the electronics industry to team up and focus on providing best in class Power Management Solutions. As an integrated passive electronic components manufacturer serving customers for over 65 years, Murata has invested considerable research and development into a broad spectrum of functional ceramics suitable for Power Management applications. Offering a comprehensive line up of discreet electronic components, such as: Ceramic Capacitors, Thermistors, EMI/Noise Suppression Filters and Inductors Murata has introduced to the market a diverse group of electronic components that effectively provide innovative solutions to complex performance and packaging requirements.

Drawing from vast experience as a vertically integrated manufacturer, Murata also offers a complete line up of DC to DC Converters that use highly reliable, Murata – made components that make full use of advanced design technology and high density packaging technology. Look no further than Murata to provide a flexible product mix from discreet solutions to modular designs for your next Power Management application. Through this site you may search our huge inventory of Murata Electronics passive products and resources.


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