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New Discretes Product Additions

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  • SiHx33N60EF EF Series Power MOSFET | Vishay

    siHx33N60EF EF Series Power MOSFET | Vishay

    Vishay recently released their new 600V EF Series of fast body diode n-channel power MOSFETs. With low reverse recovery charge and on-resistance, the Vishay Siliconix SiHx28N60EF and SiHx33N60EF increase reliability a...

  • FLAT™ Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors | Bourns

    FLAT™ GDT Surge Arrestors | Discretes | Bourns

    The ongoing demands of electronic equipment designs continually require high density and fast speed in small packages. Bourns® FLAT™ GDT technology provides the key features and benefits of conventional GDT technology...