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G7L-PV Series Power Relays | Omron

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G7L-PV Series Power Relays | OmronOmron Electronics G7L-PV Power Relays are two-pole power relays that are ideal for inverters in photovoltaic power systems. The key features of the G7L-PV power relays are lower power consumption with higher rated contacts and a higher ambient temperature range.

Features & Benefits:

  • High switching capacity with contact rating of 30 A at 280 VAC (AC7a class).
  • Power consumption reduced by lowering coil voltage after relay operation (low power consumption of approx. 320 mW at 37.5% reduced coil voltage).
  • Ambient operating temperature of up to 85° C.
  • Contact gap of 3.0 mm for safety.
  • UL and VDE class F certification for coil insulation.


  • Inverters in Photovoltaic Power Systems

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