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TTI, Inc. Announces Omron quickCast

Omron quickCast

Fort Worth, Texas – September 28, 2012 – TTI, Inc. and Electronic Design have partnered to present an informative quickCast titled, MOS-FET Solutions for Test and Measurement. The 15-minute pre-recorded quickCast is hosted by Lew LaFornara, Vice President Product Management for TTI, and presented by Jason Lipps, Omron Product Marketing Specialist.

Through partnerships with many of today’s leading test and measurements OEMs, Omron is considered a leader in the development of MOS-FET relays that are closely aligned with the specific switching needs that design engineers require. An entire family of solid state MOS-FET relays are available in a variety of package sizes with features that allow for dense board mounting, superior switching speeds and an overall decrease in maintenance and redesign costs.

To get the latest information on MOS-FET solutions from TTI and Omron register today:

About TTI

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