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TTI, Inc. Debuts ezReel Video

Fort Worth, Texas – Texas, May 8, 2012 –ezReel Video

TTI debuts a new informational video series with the introduction of the new TTI ezReel buying option. This video series is geared toward informing customers about the current services and capabilities of TTI in an easy to follow presentation. In the premier video, TTI demonstrates how to find, calculate, and add an ezReel part to the shopping cart on The ezReel buying option allows customers to purchase select products in less than standard reel quantities and have the parts placed on a 7” mini reel with leader and trailer tape attached.

"We are excited about the launch of the video series with the steadfast goal of giving our audience an informative yet concise experience while helping them to utilize our broad array of web services”, says Kevin Schubert, Vice President of Global Internet Business.

To view the video series go to: