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New Specialist Video Inks “TTI Forever”

The Specialist in TTI Forever

Fort Worth, Texas - September 12, 2012 - It’s a picture perfect day in Any Town, USA and we find The Specialist out for a stroll. The world is safe from counterfeiters and the knowledgeable TTI product specialists are taking care of business as usual with TTI’s deep and wide inventory offering. With blue skies overhead and no line-down situations to address, this ideal moment affords The Specialist a little leisure time to himself.

Follow The Specialist as he takes the plunge and inks the deal to make his commitment to TTI permanent. See what The Specialist has up his sleeve and why the words, “Millions in Stock and Ready to Rock,” will always have significant meaning to TTI’s superhero.

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About TTI
TTI, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, electromechanical and discrete components. TTI is the distributor of choice for electronic manufacturers worldwide. TTI’s extensive product line includes: resistors, capacitors, connectors, potentiometers, trimmers, magnetic circuit protection, filters, relays, switches, sensors and discrete semiconductor devices. TTI is recognized as the industry’s leader in service and quality and provides a broad array of supply chain services to its customer base. TTI along with its subsidiary Mouser Electronics employs more than 3,500 with over 100 locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about TTI visit