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TTI, Inc. Offers Improved Shopping Cart Functionality to Customers

TTI, Inc. Offers Improved Shopping Cart Functionality to Customer FORT WORTH, TEXAS – January 28, 2010 – TTI, Inc. a global distributor of connector, passive, electromechanical and discrete components, now offers two new avenues for customers to save their shopping cart. The first function is a persistent “auto-save” feature that keeps parts in the shopping cart, regardless of where a customer accesses until they complete their purchase or empty the cart. If a customer loses a connection or accidentally closes the browser window or simply wants to complete the order later, the website can immediately be reopened and the cart can be retrieved.

The second improvement gives customers the ability to save a cart into Project List and retrieve it later from an empty cart screen. Kevin Schubert, eBusiness Director, said, “These new functionalities will ensure that our customers have a more productive experience on the TTI website with the confidence they will be able to complete their transactions regardless, even if they need to walk away from their computer.”

In addition to saving carts, users also are able to send their carts to co-workers, colleagues or supervisors to review or complete the purchase. With this new functionality customers spend less time re-entering orders. Carts may be shared across teams, allowing engineers to easily send requirements to a buyer or buyers to send approvals to supervisors.

About TTI, Inc.

TTI, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, electromechanical and discrete components. TTI is the distributor of choice for electronic manufacturers worldwide. TTI’s extensive product line includes: resistors, capacitors, connectors, potentiometers, trimmers, magnetic circuit protection, filters, relays, switches, sensors and discrete semiconductor devices. TTI is recognized as the industry’s leader in service and quality and provides a broad array of supply chain services to its customer base. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, TTI employs 2,000 with more than 50 locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about TTI visit