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TTI, Inc. Announces ezOrder Service

Fort Worth, Texas — August 19, 2008 — TTI, Inc. the world’s leading passive and connector specialist in the electronics industry, announces the introduction of ezOrder. With customers in mind, TTI developed this easy-to-use online service that provides an improved, streamlined process for ordering parts. Formerly known as Pay on Account, the system has been enhanced and rebranded to provide convenient, time-saving benefits for its users.

The new ezOrder service allows customers to purchase parts quickly and efficiently with minimal steps in the process. Since the order is placed online, it requires less paperwork and reduces the number of clicks for a customer to complete the transaction. In addition, customers have the flexibility of placing orders at their convenience. Purchases may be charged to the customers TTI account, therefore eliminating the need for a credit card.

To request ezOrder and to learn more about all of the online services that TTI offers, visit

About TTI, Inc.

Headquarted in Fort Worth, Texas, TTI, Inc. is the largest distributor specialist of passive, interconnect and electromechanical components. TTI is the distributor of choice for industrial and consumer electronic manufacturers worldwide. TTI’s extensive product line includes: resistors, capacitors, connectors, potentiometers, trimmers, magnetic circuit protection components, wire and cable, identification products, application tools, electromechanical and now discrete semiconductor devices. TTI is recognized as the industry’s leader in service and quality and provides a broad array of supply chain services to its customer base. TTI employs 1,700 with more than 50 locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about TTI visit