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AMP MCP LEAVYSEAL Connector Series | TE Connectivity

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AMP MCP LEAVYSEAL Connector Series | TE Connectivity

LEAVYSEAL connectors have been especially developed to meet tough requirements of the truck industry. This fully sealed series combines the advantages of proven AMP MCP terminals with a robust design and easy mating of multi-position connectors.

It gives a choice of 7 groups, 15 to 120 positions with terminals of 3 different sizes.

The lever-slide mechanism reduces the force required to close the system. Due to high vibration resistance, perfect temperature behavior and the size, LEAVYSEAL connectors are the product of choice for major commercial vehicles ECU manufacturers.

Features & Benefits:

  • High vibration level supported
  • Integrated secondary locking device delivered in pre-locked position
  • Polarization, several keyings
  • Lever-slide mechanism
  • Easy handling
  • Mixed terminal sizes in one housing


  • Truck industry
    • Device interface
    • Door
    • Pass-through (bulkhead)
    • Harness disconnection

Additional Information: