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HE3 High Energy Wet Tantalum | Vishay

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HE3 High Energy Wet Tantalum | Vishay

Vishay HE3 represents a major breakthrough in wet tantalum capacitor technology for high-energy applications. The unique case design provides for the highest capacitance per unit volume. The HE3 also utilizes the proven hybrid technology of our SuperTan® product. The HE3 is housed in an all tantalum, hermetically sealed case, and is manufactured to withstand high stress and hazardous environments. The design provides a unique double seal for improved reliability and performance.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Capacitance range: 1100 μF to 72 000 μF
  • Low ESR: 0.035 Ω
  • Ripple current capability: up to 16 A
  • Utilizes proven SuperTan® hybrid technology
  • Withstands high stress and hazardous environments


  • Airborne radar
  • Military
  • Weapons systems
  • Pulse power devices

Additional Information: