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Vishay Toroid Inductors

TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Through Hole Toroid Inductors.

Vishay TJ Series Toroid Inductor TJ Series - High Current, Toroid Inductors
Vishay Dale TJ series inductors feature a wide range of inductance and current ratings. The toroid design reduces Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI). A vertical or horizontal mounting is available to optimize P.C. Board layout. Applications include switching power supplies, EMI/RFI filtering, and output chokes. (View Datasheet)

Vishay Dale TE/TD Toroid InductorsTE/TD Series - Toroid Filter Inductors
Vishay Dale TE/TD filter inductors offer the choice of encapsulated (TE) or dipped (TD) styles. The TD style combines low cost with excellent performance in commercial applications. They feature high Q and wide selection of Q versus frequency ranges in one small package. Large number of standard inductance values are also available. (View Datasheet) (Check TE/TD Inventory)

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