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College Programs

The electronics industry is one of the most dynamic and evolving industries in the world.  Just take a look at some of the products and technologies that have been developed in the last five to ten years. TTI seeks to hire bright, motivated college graduates who desire to be a part of this dynamic industry for our Sales and Marketing Training Program.

TTI has an active college recruiting program with established relationships at a number of universities throughout North America and Europe. In addition to the targeted recruitment universities, college graduates may apply through our Career Website.

Sales and Marketing Internships

Sales and Marketing Internships are available during the summer for qualified college students seeking to learn more about the electronics distribution industry. The primary focus of the internship is to give participants detailed exposure to the sales function within a TTI branch. However, participants also receive an orientation to other disciplines at TTI including Operations and Procurement.

Other Opportunities for College Graduates

Based on business needs, TTI may seek college graduates for career opportunities in a variety of disciplines including finance, human resources, IT, Operations and Product Marketing.

Check your College Placement Office to find out if we will be on your campus or contact us directly at the following e-mail address: