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Web Services

TTI offers an extensive array of Web Services, all of which are designed to be customer friendly and business savvy. To learn more about each Web Service, please browse the icons below.

Standard Web Services

  • Part Search
  • Accelerator Search
  • Part Compare
  • ezReel
  • Multi-Part Upload
  • Quote Request
  • Project List
  • ezBuy
  • Order Status
  • ezBill
  • ezReview

Premium Web Services

Accelerator Search

Accelerator Search is a simple yet powerful plug-in for your web browser. It allows you to highlight any word, phrase, or part number on any site and instantly search for it on the TTI system, all without ever leaving the original page!
  • Check TTI inventory from wherever you are on the Web.
  • View part number, description, manufacturer name, and availability from within the Accelerator window.
  • Exact matches provide even more part detail information.


ezBill allows you to view, save, print, or export one or multiple invoices online. You will receive a daily email notification of new invoices for any prior day shipments.
  • Eliminate the need for paper invoices.
  • Ability to have your invoices delivered directly to you via email.
  • Advanced ezBill features available on
    • Easy access to pull invoices 24/7
    • Advanced search options with online invoice history


ezBuy enables the ability to order online from your TTI reserved inventory and/or via your customer part numbers. In addition to ordering contracted items through ezBuy, you can also use our Part Search or Part Builder to make general purchases, view available inventory, and schedule releases.
  • View your pre-built shopping lists, conveniently organized by your part numbers.
  • View TTI inventory reserved to you in our system.
  • Purchase at preferred prices.
  • Ability to place orders with just 2 clicks of your mouse.
  • Use your existing TTI credit terms for online order payment, no credit cards necessary.


ezReel is a buying option that allows you to purchase parts in Cut Tape quantities and have them placed on 7” mini reels with leaders and trailers attached. On the Part Details page of applicable ezReel parts, you can utilize the "Calculate" button leading to an on-screen calculator to configure a custom ezReel. From the on-screen calculator, you can input quantities and view pricing. A $7.00 charge per reel is automatically applied and reflected in the pricing breakdown. All ezReel orders are considered NCNR.
  • Purchase in less than standard package quantities, but still receive the parts reeled.
  • Choose quantity per reel & number of reels via the on-screen calculator.
  • Update the ezReel quantities even after the part has been added to your shopping cart.


ezReview enables you the ability to view your TTI supply chain online. This portal provides access to view AIM inventory reservations. Additionally, ezReview will give you the ability to download “what if” reports to determine what level of upside requirements can be supported.
  • Check on forecasted in stock quantities for the year and compare them with your projected purchasing needs.
  • Check for latest shipments and in stock quantities from the supplier.
  • Ensure that your minimum on hand needs are met.
  • Check available inventory for your list of products.

Multi-Part Upload

Multi-Part Upload allows you to bulk upload part numbers using your own spreadsheet Bill of Materials or copy & paste input methods. After uploaded, you can choose from several options to help you make a purchase, request a quotation, download a Quick Quote, or if registered, add to a new or current Project List.
  • Upload an entire Bill of Materials from your own spreadsheet.
  • View pricing for all matched parts to help you make an educated purchasing decision.
  • Both matched & unmatched parts can be added to the Quote Request form.
  • Multiple options for matched parts:
    • Add directly to the Shopping Cart
    • Request a Quick Quote
    • If registered, added to Project List

Order Status

Order Status enables you the ability to check real-time information for any orders placed with TTI. TTI provides direct links to the freight carriers that allow real-time tracking of shipments.
  • Get the status of your orders in real time.
  • Search for orders by order date, TTI Part Number, Customer Part Number, TTI Order Number, or Purchase Order Number.
  • Get tracking numbers and links to freight carriers for shipment en route.

Part Compare

Part Compare allows you to make a true apples-to-apples comparison of parametric data, environmental compliance, data sheets, and availability. You then have the ability to add those parts to the Shopping Cart, a Quote Request, or if registered, a Project List.
  • Get a true apples-to-apples side-by-side comparison of your part options.
  • All product images and parametric data will be displayed.
  • Compare up to 21 different parts at the same time.

Part Search

Part Search at TTI is one of the industry’s most powerful search engines, matching your input against 10 or more fields in our database. We also allow you to filter down by product type, manufacturer, lead, RoHS, and other parametric data.
  • Keyword Search for partial part numbers returns all matching results, an exact match will take you directly to the Part Details page.
  • Part Builder allows you to browse and find parts using a dynamic menu selection method.
  • Parametric Filters allow you to further refine search results by selecting and applying part characteristic filters.
  • Part Details pages have “Find Similar” functionality builtinto them, making it easy to find parts with similar characteristics.

Project List

Project List allows you to create and maintain multiple projects composed of products found on the TTI website. You can add individual parts from these projects, or entire projects at a time, to the Shopping Cart, or a Quote Request. All Project Lists are stored in the cloud and available 24/7.
  • Create a Project List to organize and maintain your bill of materials per project.
  • Save and manage multiple Project Lists simultaneously.
  • Add parts to a new or existing Project List via Part Details, Multi-Part Upload, or the Shopping Cart.
  • Ability to quickly download all or part of your Project List of parts to Excel.
Create an online profile to gain access to Project List.

Quote Request

Quote Request allows you to submit one or multiple parts for quotation directly to a TTI sales representative. Once you have submitted the Quote Request form, a sales representative will contact you directly with a response.
  • Allows you to request pricing and availability details for parts not found on the TTI website.
  • Initiates a direct communication link between you and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.
  • You have the ability to add parts to Quote Request directly from Part Details, Multi-Part Upload, or Project List.