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Green Initiatives

TTI is dedicated to actively reducing our environmental impact internally and along the supply channel.

Recycling Initiatives

Cardboard Recycling Initiative (1991–Present)

TTI has been recycling cardboard for more than 20 years, keeping more than two hundred tons of cardboard from going to the landfill while also saving TTI money on waste collection costs.

Obsolete Inventory Recycling Initiative (2006 – Present)

The electronics material recycling program has thus far recycled over 576,737 lbs of material that would have otherwise gone into landfill. The same program has returned money to TTI's bottom line through the extraction of precious metals & resale on scrap metals markets.

Printer Cartridge, Battery, & Cell Phone Recycling Initiative (2009 – Present)

TTI facilities have combined to recycle and responsibly dispose of:

  • Inkjet and Laser Cartridges: 1000+/yr
  • Batteries:
    • AAA-D – various uses
    • 6 & 12 volt – OP carts and Wave
    • 24 & 36 volt – forklifts
  • Cell phones: Various corporate and employee

Water Conservation Initiatives

Installed Zurn Low Flow Valves in Urinals and Water Closets (2006 – Present)

This has allowed us to reduce our consumption by 108,072 gallons per year for a total savings of 945,360 gallons. (2006 thru 2011)

Replaced Traditional Sprinkler Heads with Israeli Drip-irrigation System (2012)

We are currently analyzing the results from phase one, but plan to expand this to additional areas in the near future.

Energy Savings Initiatives

Replaced Lighting Fixtures with New LED Fixtures

Previous fixtures consumed 456 watts each, but the new GE LED fixtures consume only 205 watts each. – 55% reduction.

Installed Motion Sensors in Warehouses

Motion sensors allow the lighting on the aisles on the first and second level to only burn when someone is actually picking parts. These lamps would normally operate from 6AM-9PM M-F for a total of 75 hours, but with the motion sensors now only are burned approximately 25% of the time.

Installed Air Curtains in Warehouses

The air curtains block 76% of the outside air from infiltrating air conditioned warehouses, minimizing temperature fluctuations.

Replaced Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

  • Replaced 64 metal halide parking lot fixtures (491 watts consumption each) with 64 GE Evolve EAMM LED light fixtures (205 watts consumption each) – 58% reduction.
  • Replaced 32 metal halide wall packs (491 watts consumption each) with 32 GE Evolve EWSW fixtures (101 watts consumption each) – 79% reduction.

Total Energy Savings

kWH 5,714,959
CO2 10,286,934 lbs
SO2 33,289 lbs/yr
N-Oxides 17,149 lbs/yr
Hg (Mercury) 248
Acres of Trees Planted 1,656
Cars Off the Road 799
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Glossary of Terms

Ag Silver
BFR Brominated Flame Retardant
BGA Ball Grid Array
Bi Bismuth
BOM Build of Material
Cd Cadmium
CEM Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Cr (VI) Hexavalent Chromium
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
EC European Commission
EEE Electrical and Electronic Equipment
EIA Electronics Industry Alliance
ELV End of Life Vehicles
ESH Environmental Safety & Health
EU European Union
Hg Mercury
IC Integrated Circuit
iNEMI National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (a.k.a NEMI)
IPC Institute of Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JEDEC Joint Electric Device Engineering Council
JEITA Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
MCV Maximum Concentration Value
MLCC Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors
MSL Moisture sensitivity level
NiAu Nickel/Gold
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Pb Lead
PBB Polybrominated Biphenyls
PBDE Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCN Product Change Notification
PVC Polyvinylchloride
RoHS Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances
SMD Surface Mount Device
SMT Surface Mount Technology
Sn Tin
WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment