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10.23.2014 // Didier Coulon in: Industry Conditions

In 2012, the world mobile subscriber base grew at a rate of 7.5% to reach 6.4 billion users. For 2013, growth should be 6.6% to reach a worldwide base of 6.8 billion mobile phone users. More...

09.09.2014 // Didier Coulon in: Industry Conditions

Today, electronics represent around 25% to 30% of a modern car production costs but, more importantly, electronic systems now contribute 90% of car innovations and new features, from emission levels to More...

06.26.2014 // Didier Coulon in: Industry Conditions

After having recovered in 2010 from the 2009 recession, the global industrial sector market has not been immediately affected by the financial crisis in 2011. But the global weakness of the economy in More...

04.22.2014 // Didier Coulon in: Industry Conditions

The share of electronics in civil aircraft is rightly perceived as growing but is often overestimated in literature. The feeling that electronics are ubiquitous in the management of aeronautical systems More...

02.18.2014 // Didier Coulon in: Industry Conditions

Ten years ago, North America, Europe and Japan recovered from the telecom crisis but still represented, as a group, around two-thirds of global electronic equipment production. More...

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Didier Coulon

Didier Coulon is Founder and CEO of DECISION, an independent consulting firm offering expertise to its customers in the field of electronics, components, aerospace and defense, energy and electrical engineering. Coulon worked as a strategy consultant in various consulting firms for several years and also worked as the director of the information technology division at BIPE, a major French consultancy company.

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