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07.21.2014 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

One tool I find extremely useful is Compliance & Risks’ C2P system. It helps me help my clients to stay on top of new regulations that impact their products, and sometimes their company, in their markets. More...

05.01.2014 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

One of the greatest challenges electronics manufacturers continue to face in complying with the ever-expanding set of regulated chemical substances today is being aware of – in advance – whether any of More...

02.11.2014 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

EU RoHS is more dynamic than ever right now, with a slew of new exemptions just issued for Category 8 and 9 products, a new consultation opened on the impact of Category 11 and the possible need for clarification More...

12.09.2013 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

In this article Mike Kirschner discusses some of the “lessons learned” by the other eight categories (1-7 and 10) as well as the implications of being “late to the party”. More...

10.16.2013 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

Mike Kirschner discusses some of the issues he has seen, some new issues, some progress, and provide some advice with how the SEC’s Conflict Minerals rule impacts two types of companies. More...

08.07.2013 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

In part 2 of our update on REACH we will cover the Authorization process, the Community Rolling Action Plan, and applications of candidate list SVHCs in articles. We’ll also look forward into the future More...

06.12.2013 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

Dynamic as ever, REACH is progressing in its mission to regulate the majority of uses of chemical substances throughout the European Union. Here are some statistics and facts. More...

04.17.2013 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

While no additional substances were restricted when the European Union’s Recast RoHS directive (2011/65/EU) took effect earlier this year, the number of substances on the radar of the world’s regulators More...

04.25.2012 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

This month, DCA's president, Michael Kirschner, gives a brief update on EU REACH for article manufacturers. More...

10.12.2011 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

In this installment, DCA's president, Mike Kirschner discusses updates to several Product Targeted Environment Regulations (PTER). More...

12.14.2009 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

With further restrictions looming for 15 additional SVHCs, MarketEye contributor Michael Kirschner takes a look at what these additional restrictions may mean for manufacturers of electronic components More...

06.09.2009 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

California's initiative to regulate chemicals in consumer products is the topic at hand in the latest MarketEye post from Design Chain Associates. More...

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Mike Kirschner

Mike Kirschner is a product environmental compliance and performance expert who provides advice and expertise to manufacturers in a variety of industries. His primary areas of focus include EU RoHS, the impact of EU's REACH regulation on article manufacturers, California’s Safer Consumer Products regulation, and performance standards like IEEE-1680.x for electronics. Mike helps manufacturers define, implement and troubleshoot internal management systems that result in compliant products, and assesses and monitors environmental regulations around the world on their behalf.

He contributed two chapters to the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Handbook, published by Wiley in 2008, and is featured in the critically acclaimed book, Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power. In 2009 he was appointed to the California EPA Department of Toxic Substance Control's Green Ribbon Science Panel. Prior to joining ENVIRON, Mike founded product lifecycle and environmental consultancy Design Chain Associates, LLC (DCA), where he served as president and managing partner. Before founding DCA in 2001, Mike spent 20 years in engineering and engineering management roles within the electronics industry with manufacturers including Intel and Compaq. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


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