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03.22.2016 // Jeff Ray in: TTI Insights

Passive product supply chains are increasingly lean and it is expected they will remain tight for the remainder of 2016. Suppliers are right-sizing their businesses by streamlining capacity, reducing costs More...

09.25.2014 // Jeff Ray in: Industry Conditions

End-of-life (EOL) product announcements are a ritual of the electronics industry. When newer, smaller and faster are the watchwords of new products, at some point the older, slower, larger pieces fall More...

12.10.2013 // Jeff Ray in: Industry Conditions

As today's engineers continue to push the design envelope relative to operating voltages, packaging and communication frequencies, it places additional burdens upon the electromagnetic compliance (EMC) More...

05.02.2012 // Jeff Ray in: Industry Conditions

Jeff Ray, Vice President of Passive & Discrete Semiconductor Supplier Marketing at TTI, recommends Dr. Daniel Persico's article on tantalum supply and pricing. More...

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Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray joined TTI’s management team in 2007 and holds the position of Vice President for Supplier Marketing. He has more than 23 years experience in the electronics industry.

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