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Omron Electronic Components is the world's leading supplier of relays, offering reliable, advanced electronics and control system components. Omron switches work hand in hand with their relays in consumer electronics, appliances, computer peripherals, office automation products and telecom applications. Choose from general and special purpose snap action, tactile key, miniature, sub-miniature, thumbwheel, and DIP.

For switching, sensing and control applications, TTI & Omron’s Electronics Components Division provide the quality driven products and reliable support to satisfy your design needs and time to market goals. Choose Omron and you are working with one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers with 70 years of experience and over $5 billion in sales. Omron is the #1 relay seller worldwide, and manufactures the most expansive offering of relays, switches and sensors in the world. Through this site you may search our huge inventory of relays and switches and find convenient links to technical drawings, white papers, and parametric search tools. Should you need additional assistance, our customer service team is ready to help at 1-877-645-4TTI.

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G9EN Series DC Power Relays | Omron

G9EN Series DC Power Relays | Omron
NEW G9EN relay is 50% smaller and lighter than previous comparable relays, thanks to newly developed proprietary sealing technologies and magnetic control methods. ( more info )

XD2B Miniature Battery Connectors | Omron Electronics

XD2B Miniature Battery Connectors | Omron Electronics
XD2B Miniature Battery Connectors | Omron Electronics ( more info )