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Here are product notifications for the past seven days:

TitleLast Update
3M Hard Metric (UHM) Connectors PCN-90110.23.2014
Amphenol AC Series IDC Contact Line Connectors Obsolescence PCN-TB14-0810.23.2014
Bourns TISP2xxx Overvoltage Protector Obsolescence PCN 201410 310.16.2014
Cornell Dubilier
Cornell Dubilier Obsolescence Tantalum Capacitors T492, T494, T495, T496, CSR, and M39003 PCN10161410.23.2014
C&K Components
C&K New Specification E Series Rocker, Pushbuttons & Toggles PCN-09221410.23.2014
C&K Obsolescence PN Series 4 Pole Options PCN-PDN141210.23.2014
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi Manufacture Location Change Various Parts PCN - 20140902 10.23.2014
Delphi Supplier Change APEX 280 / APEX 950 PCN12-0055710.23.2014
Delphi Generation-1-211PC032S7061-Obsolesence PCN 000410.16.2014
Delphi MOUNT CLAMP CDT Product Improvement PCN 01101410.16.2014
FCI Compact Flash Obsolescence PCN-1408410.23.2014
FCI 1.27mm Minitek 20021122 Obsolescence PCN 1408310.16.2014
FCI Power USB Obsolescence PCN 1408710.16.2014
Harwin C90-001-C90-002-&-S406-46 Series Obsolescence PCN-09181410.23.2014
Harwin M22- 6053005 M22-6063005-Obsolescence PCN-09221410.23.2014
Harwin Part Status Change S8411-45R-Battery Coin Cell Holder PCN-10221410.23.2014
Kemet Part Status Change Ta Polymer SMD Series Black Epoxy PCN-0508201310.23.2014
Kemet Product Improvement T498 T499 MnO2 Series PCN-Q0D-51010.23.2014
Kemet Product-Improvement-1206- X7R- Dielectric- 10μF -16V-&-1210 X7R Dielectric 10μF 25V PCN-101014ASG10.23.2014
Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Products Obsolescence PCN-10101410.23.2014
Littelfuse Packaging Change HEV Fuses PCN-A0062-A10.23.2014
Littelfuse Product Marking Change LSP Module Series PCN-4006E10.23.2014
Molex PCN Summary Notification October Week of 10-20-14 Multi10.23.2014
Molex PCN-October, Week of the 13th Summary Notification10.16.2014
Murata Obsolescence ESD Devise PCN-LX1-158910.23.2014
Murata LXES1UBBB1 008 Obsolescence PCN LX1158910.16.2014
Omron E52 Temperature Sensors Product Improvement PCN TC07510.16.2014
Omron E5EC 800 E5AC 800 Controllers Document Clarification PCN TC076M10.16.2014
Omron K3SC 10 Interface Converter Product Improvement PCN SD08710.16.2014
Omron MX2 Inverter EtherNetIP IP Unit Product Improvement PCN IDM01510.16.2014
Omron S8AS 240W Power Supply Product Improvement PCN SD08810.16.2014
Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic EVQPJ Series Obsolescence PCN-10141410.23.2014
Panasonic Chip Choke Coil (ELL5PR,5PS,SFG,SFN series)-Obsolescence-PCN 14100800110.16.2014
Panasonic ERJM03 Series Obsolescence-PCN 08261400810.16.2014
Panasonic ESE11 5DN Discontinued-PCN 0717201410.16.2014
Panasonic ESE11 5DN Obsolescence PCN 0717201410.16.2014
Panasonic EVJ-Y-EVJ-C Obsolescence PCN PG13100910.16.2014
Pulse Obsolescence Various Parts PCN-14-92310.23.2014
Pulse Multiple Parts Obsolescence PCN 1492310.16.2014
Schurter Electronic Components
Schurter Electronic Manufacture Location Change All-2-Pole TA45 PCN-14080710.23.2014
TT Electronics Obsolescence OP315A, OP315B, OP316A, OP316B PCN-101010.23.2014
TT Electronics Obsolescence OVQ12S30WW7 PCN-100910.23.2014
Sumitomo Wiring Systems
Sumitomo New SpecificationsPN-12446WYA10F-B PCN-10091410.23.2014
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary Notification October Week of 10-21-14 10.23.2014
TE Connectivity PCN August Summary Notification10.16.2014
Vishay Document Clarification IHLP PCN-209201410.23.2014
Vishay Document Clarification IHLP-6767GZ-5A-IHLP-6767GZ-51 PCN-DI208201410.23.2014
Vishay Obsolescence Subminiature Solid Tantalum Series HA, SHA, TC, STC, CX06, CX16 PCN-007201410.23.2014
Vishay Product Improvement LPT3535 LPT4545 PCN-DI206201410.23.2014
Vishay Product Improvement-CA2, CE2, CH2, CS2, ANP2 Series PCN-TC-00610.23.2014
Vishay Automotive MOSFETs Manufacture Location Change PCN SIL054201410.16.2014
Vishay Automotive MOSFETs Obsolescence PCN SIL039201410.16.2014
Vishay Automotive MOSFETs Product Change Notification PCN SIL040201410.16.2014
Vishay LPT3535-LPT4545 Product Improvement PCN DI202201410.16.2014
Weidmuller Obsolescence Connectors Pitch 5 & 7 PCN-0210PL310.23.2014
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