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Here are product notifications for the past seven days:

TitleLast Update
Bourns Obsolescence Model SM51589EL LAN10/100/1000 Base-T Transformer (POE) Module PCN-IC1457REV12.18.2014
Bourns Obsolescence Model SM51108EL 10/100 Base Tx VoIP Modules (PoE) PCNICI47512.11.2014
Cornell Dubilier
Cornell Dubilier Obsolescence Solid Polymer SMT Capacitors SPA PCN121614SPA12.18.2014
Cornell Dubilier Obsolescence Solid Polymer SMT Capacitors SPCX, SPSX PCNSPCXSPSX12.18.2014
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi New Specifications Sonic Welded Ring Terminals PCN2014121712.18.2014
Delphi Obsolescence 3 Way Female Violet Mini-Sealed PCN000412.11.2014
Delphi Obsolescence Mini-Mate Pin Header & Socket Connection System PCN000033BR12.11.2014
FCI New Specifications USB+Power Commercial Cable Assemblies PCN1411112.18.2014
FCI Product Improvement TB Barrier Terminal Blocks PCN1411012.18.2014
FCI Document Clarification PCI Express Edge Card PCN1408812.18.2014
FCI Product Improvement AirMax VSE PCN1410612.18.2014
FCI Manufacture location Change Airmax VS Power Series PCN1410212.11.2014
ITT Cannon
ITT Cannon Obsolescence Various Parts PCN12091412.11.2014
Kemet Obsolescence F861 Series PCN-041114SS12.18.2014
Kemet New Specifications Ta Polymer SMD Black Epoxy PCN24102014CMC212.11.2014
Littelfuse Manufacture Location Change Reed Switch PCN1211201412.18.2014
Littelfuse Production Change 05200002M and 05200002H Fuse Blocks PCN4120912.18.2014
Molex PCN Summary December Week of 12-15-1412.18.2014
Molex PCN Summary December Week of 12-08-1412.11.2014
Murata New Specifications & Manufacture location Change Ni-Ag Electrode PCNC121312.11.2014
Murata New Specifications-Manufacture Location Change & Obsolescence PTC Thermistors PCN0000025412.11.2014
Murata Obsolescence SN8200, SN8200UFL Wi-Fi Network Controller Module PCN0000040012.11.2014
Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Obsolescence MA Motion Sensor PCN2014070812.18.2014
Panasonic Obsolescence Narrow Pitch Connectors F4 PCNT-1344F412.18.2014
Panasonic Obsolescence LED Lighting Terminal L1 PCNT134412.11.2014
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact Product Improvement Packing Unit AA130056 PCN2014112412.18.2014
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence Regarding Surge Protection PCN12161412.18.2014
Phoenix Contact Product Improvement RJ 45 – AAB140082 PCN2014120812.11.2014
Radial New Specifications R141.426.161 & R142.426.261 PCN-1217201412.18.2014
Radiall Obsolescence BD2 Series PCN1128201412.11.2014
Radiall Obsolescence HN2 Series R616 PCN1201201412.11.2014
Radiall Obsolescence R225 MiniQuick PCNLBOR22512.11.2014
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary December Week of 12-08-1412.11.2014
TT Electronics
TT Electronics Part Status Change W20 Series PCNRBU01212.11.2014
Vishay Product Improvement MiniQFN16 PCNSIL104201412.18.2014
Vishay Manufacture Location Change Silver case Wet Tantalum PCNTC010201412.18.2014
Vishay Obsolescence Automotive Mosfets PCNSIL0150201412.18.2014
Vishay New Specifications Techno Process Change Dale PCNDR006201412.11.2014
Weidmuller Obsolescence 1506460000 LPA2/3 5.08 STI4.5 OR PCN12081412.11.2014
Weidmuller Obsolescence BLZ Series PCN11261412.11.2014
Weidmuller Part Status Change RJ45 Keystone Module PCN11241412.11.2014
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