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Here are product notifications for the past seven days:

TitleLast Update
Bourns Obsolescence Model PT75161EL T1/E1 Transformer PCNIC148501.29.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Select Models from CW252016 High Q Chip Inductor Series PCNIC150201.29.2015
Bourns New Specifications Model SRN8040 Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series PCNIC148401.29.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Model SRN4012 Semi-Shielded Power Inductor PCNIC147301.22.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Model PM61300 Series SMD CCFL Transformer PCNIC148601.22.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Model 9310 Series Molded Axial Inductor PCNIC148701.22.2015
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi New Specifications TPA of Gen4 4ways Female Connector PCNECR130004601.29.2015
Delphi New Specifications CMC 48 Ways Connector PCNCAQE01151901.22.2015
Delphi Obsolescence T1 Inlets and Pigtails PCN0000501.22.2015
Delphi Product Improvement CMC 32 Ways Connector PCNCAQE01152001.22.2015
Delphi Product Improvement CMC 64 Ways Connector Additional Capacity Automatic Assembly Line PCNCAQE01151701.22.2015
Delphi Product Improvement CMC 64 Ways Connector New Mold & Second Material Source for Rear Grid PCNCAQE01154301.22.2015
Delphi Product Improvement CMC 64 Ways Connector New mold & Second Material Source for TPA PCNCAQE01153901.22.2015
FCI New Specifications USB2.0 Receptacle Shell PCN1500101.22.2015
FCI Obsolescence-VLK-Series PCN1500401.22.2015
FCI Obsolescence Flex assembly Bergstak 0.8MM PCN1500501.22.2015
FCI Obsolescence Modular Jacks RJ45 PCN1500601.22.2015
FCI Document Clarification HPCE Board to Board PCN1412201.22.2015
Honeywell Incorrect Hardware Packets for Switches- 15PA314-AT PCN120201501.22.2015
Kemet Product Improvement EIA Case Size 1206 X7R Dielectric 10μF 16V & 1210 X7R Dielectric 10μF 25V, K & M Tolerances PCN101014ASG01.29.2015
Kingbright Obsolescence High Brightness LED KASL-4805 series PCNKBE001501.22.2015
Littelfuse Obsolescence Various Product PCNC013001.29.2015
Littelfuse Product Improvement TO-220(Isolated and Non-Isolated) and TO-263 (D2Pak) Package Alternate Molding Compound Approval PCNESW4902401.22.2015
Molex PCN Summary January Week of 1-26-15 01.29.2015
Molex PCN Summary January for Week of 1-19-201501.22.2015
Murata Manufacture Location Change Low Power DC/DC Converter and Magnetics PCNNCL2014F002E01.29.2015
Murata New Specifications PTC Thermistors PCN-PTGLA356001.29.2015
Murata Manufacture Location Change GRM32 Series PCNHEMCG2-244101.29.2015
Murata New Specifications Supercpaciator Used for Battery Assistance Purpose (EDLC) PCNJECXDE9002F01.22.2015
Murata New Specifications Supercpaciator (EDLC) Used for Energy Backup Purpose PCNJECXDE9004E01.22.2015
Murata Obsolescence SN8200 and the SN8200UFL Wi-Fi Network Controller Module PCN40110SPCN01.22.2015
Murata Obsolescence kHz CERALOCK® (CSBLA-E(430 to 699kHz) and CSBLA-J(375 to 429kHz))series PCNMEAA356001.22.2015
Ohmite Obsolescence TEH70 Resistors PCNTEH7001.29.2015
Omron New Specifications Tactical Switches B3FS Series PCNCSL150100101.22.2015
Omron Manufacture Location Change P2R Series PCNICMCD141201101.22.2015
Omron Product Improvement Tactile Switch B3F Series Material Change of Plunger PCN2014196AEON01.22.2015
Omron Management Factory Change FPC Connector XF3M Series PCNSANYO1401101.22.2015
Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Manufacture Location Change SP Relays PCNT134601.29.2015
Panasonic Obsolescence 8mm Square Long Travel 2R Light Touch Switches PCNEVQQJ01.29.2015
Panasonic Obsolescence Select ESE11 Series Detector Switches PCNPG13011401.22.2015
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact New Specifications VIP Varioface PCN01261501.29.2015
Souriau Obsolescence Trimtrio Contact Crimp Tool PCN594FE01.22.2015
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary January Week of 1-26-15 01.29.2015
TE Connectivity PCN Summary January for Week of 1-19-201501.22.2015
Toshiba Manufacture Process Change SDIP28 & DIP16/ SIP9/ SLIM18/ SLIP18 Package Type PCNOHKN140001101.22.2015
Vishay Product Improvement SMB & SMPC Products PCNDD005REV001.29.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Thales Custom PN 79 991 255 PCNSF151REV001.29.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Opto Sensors & IRDC Transceivers PCNOSI799REV001.29.2015
Vishay Product Improvement Conversion to Copper Bondwire Commercial Power MOSFETs PCNSIL001REV001.29.2015
Vishay Manufacture Location Change DO-214AC (SMA) Schottky Products PCNDD003REV001.22.2015
Vishay New Specifications GSIB5S Lead Frame Consolidation and Wafer Dicing Process Integration for Bridge Rectifier PCNDD004REV001.22.2015
Vishay Document Clarification IMC-1008 PCNDI214REV001.22.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Surface Mount Schottky Products PCNDD002REV001.22.2015
Weidmuller New Specifications Welded Earth Stud of the Klippon TB Range PCN01161501.22.2015
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