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TitleLast Update
Bourns Obsolescence Model FB43, FB64 and FB73 Series Ferrite Beads IC160102.04.2016
Bourns Obsolescence Model TISP43xxMMAJ/BJ Overvoltage Protector Series TSP160202.04.2016
Bourns Obsolescence Model TISP61511DR-S, TISP6NTP2ADR-S, TISP61089BGDR-S Overvoltage Protector Series TSP160102.04.2016
C&K Components
C&K New Specifications KSA Series and all its Related Variations: KSF, KSFI, KSI, KSJ and KSL PCN15-04-KSA02.11.2016
C&K Obsolescence Various CCM04 Versions PCN15-11CCM04REVB02.04.2016
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi New Specifications Female Connectors 2 Ways Only PCNCAQE0216-0102.11.2016
Delphi New Specifications Female Terminals DCS-2-2.8mm PCNCAQE1215-2002.11.2016
Delphi New Specifications Male Connector 4 Ways GEN4 PCNCAQE0116-8302.11.2016
Delphi New Specifications Male Connector 4 Ways GEN4 PCNCAQE0116-8402.11.2016
Delphi Product Improvement ASM Conn. 6 way M HES 1.0 2.4 SLD Header PCN15002.11.2016
Epcos Manufacture Location Change MKK-Dci Power Capacitors PCNMKK-Dci02.04.2016
FCI Cancellation of PCN 15036 New Specifications XCede Vertical Headers (2, 3, 4 and 6 pair series) PCN1503602.11.2016
FCI New Specifications 1X1 SFP+ Cage PCN1600802.04.2016
FCI New Specifications Bergstak 0.8mm BTB Product PCN1600202.04.2016
Harting Obsolescence Har-mik ® (SCSI) Connector Range PCN15004C-N02.11.2016
Harwin Obsolescence Tact Switches PCN012816M802.04.2016
Littelfuse New Specifications GDT PCN02022016GDT02.11.2016
Littelfuse Manufacture Location Change various Parts PCNC014402.04.2016
Littelfuse New Specifications Mega Fuse PCNA009102.04.2016
Littelfuse Obsolescence Torpedo (ATS) Ceramic Fuses PCNA009202.04.2016
Molex Supplier Change 2.0 W/B Wafer PCN1072800402.04.2016
Murata New Specifications (All of CSP/CSRP SAW) SA*F/SA*E/SA*G/SA*R Series PCN0000090502.04.2016
Ohmite New Specifications OD/OF Series Carbon Composition Resistors PCN2016OD-OF02.04.2016
Omron New Specifications E2K-C25M Cylindrical DC 3-wire Capacitive Proximity Sensors PCNPX-08202.11.2016
Omron New Specifications E3Z-LL Laser Photoelectric Sensor PCNPH-21002.11.2016
Omron New Specifications E3ZS-T81A Single-beam Safety Sensor PCNLC-05602.11.2016
Omron New Specifications E58 USBl Conversion Cables PCNTC-08102.11.2016
Omron New Specifications ES1B Infrared Temperature Sensor PCNTC-08002.11.2016
Omron New Specifications FH/FZ5/FJ Vision Sensors PCNVS-06902.11.2016
Omron New Specifications FH-3050, FH-1050 Vision Sensors PCNVS-06802.11.2016
Omron New Specifications FLV-EP, FLV-DD Vision Lighting PCNVS-07102.11.2016
Omron New Specifications FZ-SF, FZ-SP Vision Sensor Amp PCNVS-07002.11.2016
Omron New Specifications XS6W Ethernet Cables PCNCON-02002.11.2016
Omron New Specifications ZUV UV-Light Curing Systems PCNUV-00202.11.2016
Omron Obsolescence 61F-WLA Water Leak Detector PCNSD-09702.11.2016
Omron Obsolescence V700-L22 CIDRW Controller PCNRF-03602.11.2016
Omron New Specifications DIN Connector (a part of Model XC5 Series) PCNXC502.04.2016
Omron New Specifications Miniature Power Relay Model G2R-(A)-S Series PCNG2R-S02.04.2016
Omron New Specifications Miniature Power Relay Model G2R-1(A)-T Series PCNG2R-T02.04.2016
Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems
Panasonic Partial Obsolescence ABJ & AV6 Series Switches PCNACBD231ABJ-AV602.04.2016
Panasonic Electric Works
Panasonic Manufacturing Location Change P5KF, F4S, P4S, A4F & P4 (Partial) Series Connectors PCNACBD25702041602.11.2016
Panasonic Manufacturing Location Change Select SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors PCNPG91012216SP02.11.2016
Pulse New Specifications Resin of Sabic PC/ABS C2950 PCN12-00302.04.2016
Radiall Obsolescence N Straight Jack Square Flange Clamp .141 Cable PN R161 277 400 PCNR16127700002.04.2016
Radiall Obsolescence Various Parts PCN012616R26602.04.2016
ROHM Obsolescence BD63510EFV-E2, BD63520EFV-E2, BD63524EFV-E2 PCN03021602.11.2016
ROHM New Specifications SiC Power Module PCNKHS-15-202.04.2016
ROHM Obsolescence Multiple Parts PCN01251602.04.2016
Smiths Connectors
Smiths Connectors New Specifications D Series Connectors PCN-01221602.04.2016
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary February Week od 2-8-2016 02.11.2016
TE Connectivity PCN Summary January & February Weeks of 1/25 & 2/1/2016 02.04.2016
Toshiba Manufacture Change CU Plate PCNO-HKN-15-0013702.04.2016
Vishay Document Clarification Alloy DO8 Product Family PCNDD003REV002.11.2016
Vishay New Specifications Finishing Material PCNDD001REV002.11.2016
Vishay Manufacture Location Change Metal Can TO18 and TO39 Devices PCNOSI875REV002.04.2016
Vishay New Specifications KP1830 Film Capacitors PCNFC001REV002.04.2016
Vishay New Specifications P / PHT/ PVHT / PZR / PZHT / RV / L/ CHP/CHPHT in Size 0603 PCNSF172REV002.04.2016
Vishay New Specifications SOT-227 Modules PCNDD002REV002.04.2016
Vishay Obsolescence Cast TB1 Holder PCNOMV878REV002.04.2016
Vishay Obsolescence Optocoupler 5MBd Series PCNOMV883REV002.04.2016
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