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TitleLast Update
Bourns New Specifications Model PTL Series Slide Potentiometers w/White LED PCNSC151003.19.2015
Bourns New Specifications Model SMAJ350A, SMAJ350CA, SMBJ350A, and SMBJ350CA Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Series PCNESD150603.19.2015
Bourns New Specifications Model CD143A-SR05LC Steering/TVS Diode Array Series PCNESD150903.19.2015
Cornell Dubilier
Cornell Dublier Obsolescence Series 945U PCN945U03.19.2015
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi Manufacturing Location Change Various Parts PCN2014100403.26.2015
Delphi New Specifications Apex Male Terminals with Precious Plating PCNPTR10303.19.2015
Epcos Obsolescence EMC filters and Feedthrough Capacitors PCN3161503.19.2015
Harting New Specifications M12 PCN1512ACD03.19.2015
Harwin Obsolescence Non-RoHS items from K36xx Series, S437-37 PCN19031503.26.2015
Honeywell New Specifications Sealed Switch 39HM47 PCN39HM4703.19.2015
Honeywell Obsolescence Limit Switches PCN03121503.19.2015
Kemet Manufacturing Location Change Series R41, R46, R47, R49, R71, R74, R75 Having Lead Spacing of 27.5mm and 37.5mm PCN150320AS03.26.2015
Kemet Obsolescence C33X, C34X, C35X High Voltage Goldmax (Radial Leaded) PCN021515AGA03.19.2015
Kemet Product Improvement C3XX High Voltage “Golden Max” (Radial Leaded MLCCs) PCN022715CA203.19.2015
Littelfuse Manufacturing Location Change Reed Switch PCN14121103.26.2015
Molex PCN Summary March Week of 3-23-15 03.26.2015
Molex PCN Summary March Week of 9-16-15 03.19.2015
Murata Obsolescence Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor(Low Profile Type):GRM153, GRM15X, and GRM185 series w/ Precious Metal Electrode PCN0000051403.26.2015
Murata Obsolescence Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Array (GNM/GNC series) PCN0000051503.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence MOS FET Relays G3VM Series (Partially) PCNPDNG3VM03.26.2015
Omron New Specifications Power Relay Type G5CA Seies PCNG5CA03.26.2015
Omron New Specifications CP1E Micro PLC PCN1502011CP1E03.19.2015
Omron New Specifications E3NC-LH, E3NC-SH, E3NC-SA Laser Sensors PCN150211ERN03.19.2015
Omron New Specifications E5ER, E5ER-T Controllers PCN150210ES5ER03.19.2015
Omron New Specifications H3CR-A-301, H3CR-A8-301 PCN150226H3CR03.19.2015
Omron New Specifications D4 Safety Door and Safety Limit Switches PCN150211D403.19.2015
Omron Manufacture Location Change Servo Connector R88A-CN PCN150212R88A03.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select E2A-M08/-S08 Inductive Proximity Sensors PCN150218E2A03.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence AC Models of E3F2 Cylindrical M18 Photoelectric Sensors PCN150218E3F203.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence Three E3S-A Photoelectric Sensors PCN150211E3S-A03.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence Oil-Resistant, Metal Body E3S-CT11-4 Photoelectric Sensor With Diagnostic Output PCN150212E3SCT03.19.2015
Omron Obsolescence SLM Limit Switches PCN1502195SLM03.19.2015
Omron Product Improvement Power Relay Type G7Z series PCN2015064AE03.19.2015
Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Obsolescence Select Low Capacitance Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors PCNPG25031603.26.2015
Panasonic New Specifications 3.0mm x 2.0mm Type SMD Light Touch PCN21615EVPAW03.19.2015
Pulse New Specifications 0805 and 1008 Chip Inductor Series PCN15-016 RevA03.26.2015
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary March Week of 3-23-15 03.26.2015
TE Connectivity PCN Summary March Week of 9-16-15 03.19.2015
TT Electronics
TT Electronics Obsolescence BHPR Series PCN2015RBU0403.19.2015
Vishay Manufacturing Location Change MTK SCR Modules PCNDD011REV0003.26.2015
Vishay Obsolescence A9T80-80023 Optical Sensors PCNOSI817REV003.26.2015
Vishay New Specifications Commercial Grade Solderable TMBS PCNDD009REV003.26.2015
Vishay Obsolescence SQ3427EEV-T1-GE3 PCNSIL005REV103.19.2015
Vishay Product Improvement Opto Modules & Visibles PCNOMV811REV003.19.2015
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