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TTI is the leading passives distributor for commercial and military capacitors. For 40 years, TTI’s focus has been to offer the customer the widest depth and breadth of inventory in the marketplace. TTI maintains an extensive inventory and offers the best interconnect choices in the industry, meeting almost any requirement of our customers. The company’s basic strategy is to focus on a specific range of products and strive to be the industry’s leading distributor. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors, Film Capacitors and Mica Capacitors made by the industry’s best manufacturers.

The team of specialists at TTI has more experience in interconnect product areas than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely upon the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance. Our team of product specialists offers customers the security of superior service; not only on commodity products but the leading edge capacitors to keep up with your application-specific needs.

Featured Capacitor Products

High Voltage Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors | Nichicon

High Voltage Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors | Nichicon
Product Family Page for Nichicon's ULH, ULR, ULT and ULV series high voltage surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors. ( more info )

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Hi-Rel, Low temperature (UCZ Series) | Nichicon

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors,  Hi-Rel, Low temperature (UCZ Series) | Nichicon
The new UCZ Series is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor developed to operate in a higher temperature range (-40°C to +125°C). They feature a lifetime rating of up to 3000 hours @ 125°C. ( more info )

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors High Voltage (PH Series) | Nichicon

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors High Voltage (PH Series) | Nichicon
Nichicon PH Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors offer higher voltage values for this product family and are smaller in size than the PZ Series. ( more info )

Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (UCX Series) | Nichicon

Surface Mount Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (UCX Series) | Nichicon
The new UCX Series is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor developed to provide high reliability. They feature a lifetime rating of up to 3000 hours @ 125°C, low ESR and have a capacitance range of 5.6 to 390µF. ( more info )

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Product Overview

Capacitor components are available at TTI Inc. from industry leading manufacturers. TTI is an authorized distributor for many capacitor manufacturers including: AVX, Kemet, Murata, Nichicon,
United Chemi-Con, Vishay and Yageo.

Capacitor Components

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are cost effective solutions for high voltage and capacitance applications in relatively small case sizes. There are five common configurations of aluminum capacitors: axial, radial, large can (computer grade), snap-ins and surface mount.

Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors Because of its outstanding versatility, ceramic capacitors are the most widely used capacitor dielectric. It can often duplicate, and in some instances, surpass the electrical and environmental characteristics of other dielectrics. The wide range of dielectric constant gives ceramic dielectric capacitors a notable advantage in microminiaturization. Their ability to operate over a wide temperature range and to be formed into an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes gives them both mechanical and electrical design possibilities not available with other dielectric materials. The most common types of ceramic capacitors are multi-layered ceramic chips (MLCC), surface mount, radial and axial leaded MLC, disc capacitors and trimmer capacitors.

Film Capacitors

Film Capacitors There are basically two manufacturing methods for film capacitors: film/foil and metallized film. Both methods offer a variety of dielectrics, voltage ranges and capacitance ranges. Film capacitors are typically chosen over ceramic, tantalum or aluminum in applications requiring both non-polar operation and high electrical efficiency. The type of film material used depends on the particular application and electrical performance required; the most popular materials are polyester and polypropylene. The combination of dielectric materials and the structure of the electrode (foil or vacuum deposit) are what distinguish film capacitors from one another.

Mica Capacitors

Mica Capacitors Mica capacitors are extremely stable against heat, high insulation resistance and breakdown voltage, which provide an ideal dielectric for use in circuits requiring precise frequency filtering, bypassing and coupling. Mica capacitors maintain unusually high voltage and capacitance stability when subjected to considerable changes in operating temperature. They are the preferred dielectric in high temperature and high frequency applications. Mica capacitors are available as radial leaded, epoxy dipped in commercial, military and e-rel versions as well as the surface mount MC commercial chips.

Muti-Layered Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

Muti-Layered Ceramic Capacitors MLCCs are used primarily in applications where small physical size is needed along with relatively large electrical capacitance. MLCCs are available in a wide range of capacitance, voltage, tolerance and termination options and have a low cost compared to other capacitors. High capacitance values of MLCC’s are made by increasing the number of electrode layers, and by decreasing the thickness of the dielectric layers.

Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors Tantalum capacitors are the most stable electrolytic capacitors known today, and are extremely valuable in electronics, aerospace and medical industries. Tantalum capacitors have the greatest capacitance capability for their size of any capacitor. Tantalum capacitors are available in two basic constructions, solid electrolyte (solid slug) and wet electrolyte (wet slug). Wet slugs are used where the lowest DC leakage is required, and solids are used in applications where size restrictions exist.

Things to Consider

  • Type of dielectric
  • Capacitance required
  • Temperature and Frequency rating
  • Voltage rating
  • Dielectric constant
  • Tolerance
  • Polarized or non-polarized
  • Surface mount or leaded