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For 40 years TTI has been a global leader in supplying resistive products from the world’s premier resistor manufacturers. Our product knowledge, breadth of inventory and unmatched supplier relationships are some of the reasons why TTI is the most preferred distributor of passive components according to recent Electronic Buyer News surveys. We can provide a full range of manufacturer-authorized component value-added services. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of Wirewound, Film, Current Sense, Metal Foil, Metal Oxide Resistors and Resistor Networks and Arrays from the industry's finest manufacturers.

The team of specialists at TTI has more experience in test and measurement products than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely upon the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance. When you partner with TTI you gain access to unmatched product knowledge and inventory availability. Resistors have been an important part of TTI’s success and we look forward to supporting your resistor requirements.

Featured Resistor Products

Variable Mount Heatsink (VM Series) | Ohmite

Variable Mount Heatsink (VM Series) | Ohmite
Offered in a vertical (free convection cooling) or horizontal format (forced convection cooling) to fit customer applications. ( more info )

CS5 Series High Power Precision Current Sense | Ohmite

CS5 Series High Power Precision Current Sense | Ohmite
Ohmite CS5 current sense resistors offer accuracy and high amperage capacity. ( more info )

3W Molded Current Sense Resistor in 4528 Size | KOA Speer

3W Molded Current Sense Resistor in 4528 Size | KOA Speer
KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new SLN3 Molded Current Sense Resistor, featuring a 3-Watt power rating in 4528 size. ( more info )

Vishay Thick Film Surface Mount Current Sense Chip Resistor RCWE/L

Vishay Thick Film Surface Mount Current Sense Chip Resistor RCWE/L
New wide termination available! Vishay thick film surface mount current sense chip resistor RCWE (extremely low value 0.01 to .976 Ohm and tolerance down to .5% with higher power rating) and RCWL (Low resistance value of .1 to .91 Ohm with tolerance offered at 5%) offer low inductance suitable for current sensing and shunts. These thick film chip resistors that are metal glaze on high quality ceramic are AEC-Q200 qualified, rev. C compliant. ( more info )

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Product Overview

Resistors are available at TTI Inc. from industry leading manufacturers. TTI is an authorized distributor for many resistor manufacturers including: Bourns, IRC / TT electronics, KOA, Ohmite, Panasonic, TE Connectivity, Vishay and Yageo.

Optoelectronics Products

Carbon Composition Resistor

Carbon Composition Resistor Carbon composition resistors are used in applications where there are no stringent requirements for resistance tolerance, temperature stability or low noise. They are used where instantaneous surge currents are present since they are capable of safely handling sudden overloads of current and power for a short time. Carbon composition resistors (carbon comps) are components which use a mixture of carbon and fillers to form the resistive unit. These resistors are called hot molded units because the resistive material, the insulating material and lead wires are all molded at one time into a solid structure. Carbon composition resistors were the state-of-the art resistors during the early aviation and space days, but because of the loose tolerances and environmental vulnerability associated with carbon comps and the erosion of metal film prices, their popularity has decreased. The main use for carbon comps today is in existing designs.

Carbon Film Resistor

Carbon Film Resistor Depositing carbon in film form onto a ceramic core creates carbon film resistors. Due to their low cost, carbon films are primarily used in general-purpose applications such as consumer products. Although they offer a slightly better temperature coefficient than carbon composition, they have a tendency to generate more noise.

Current Sense Resistors

Current Sense Resistors Current sense resistors are used to monitor the current in a circuit and translate the amount of current in that circuit into a voltage that can be easily measured and monitored. This type of resistors generally have a low ohmic value, low EMF, high current capability, low inductance and have excellent frequency response.

Metal Film Resistor

Metal Film Resistor Metal film resistors are composed of a resistive metal film deposited on, or inside of, an insulating cylinder or filament. Metal film resistors are used in all applications that require a tighter tolerance and temperature coefficient than is offered by carbon resistors. They are the most widely used resistors in today's marketplace because they are more precise than carbon comps at approximately the same price. There are three basic sizes for metal film resistors: 1/8 wattage package size, 1/4 wattage package size and 1/2 wattage package size.

Metal Foil Resistors

Metal Foil Resistors Metal foil resistors are used in applications that require very precise resistance values that will not vary with temperature changes. Among the many unique characteristics of metal foil resistors are their extremely low temperature coefficients and their extremely low tolerances. Metal foil resistors are made by placing a very thin piece of metal onto a ceramic wafer, then photochemically etching a resistive pattern on the foil.

Metal Oxide Resistor

Metal Oxide Resistor Metal oxide resistors are a type of power metal film resistor. They typically are specified for applications requiring 1 to 2 watts, though they are available up to 9 watts.

Resistor Arrays

Resistor Arrays Resistor chip arrays are simply a group of flat chip resistors that are not separated. They are available in two package styles, concave and convex.

Resistor Networks

Resistor Networks Resistor networks are a combination of resistors arranged and interconnected in a single package. The resistors can be arranged in series or parallel or a combination of the two. Network packaging variations are Single In-Line Package (SIP), Dual In-Line Package (DIP), flat pack, and surface mount. Resistor networks are available in two basic styles: thick film and thin film. The thick film network has gained acceptance as the preferred component.

Thick Film and Thin Film Chip Resistor

Thick Film and Thin Film Chip Resistor Commercial chip resistors have become the "standard" resistor callout for new designs as the need for smaller components has become apparent. Resistor chips are manufactured using either "thick film" or "thin film" techniques. Thick film chips are made by specially formulated inks or pastes, which are silk-screened and fired onto a ceramic substrate. The chip is coated with a thin varnish or glaze. A "thin film" chip is manufactured by vacuum depositing a metal film onto a ceramic substrate. Thin film devices are more stable and precise than thick film, although the thick film is more common and can be rated at a higher wattage.

Wirewound Resistor

Wirewound Resistor Wirewound resistors are made by winding high-resistance metal alloy wire around a ceramic core. Wirewound resistors are available up to 250 watts in standard application and can be fan-cooled or water-cooled in order to withstand even more power. Wirewound resistors are used for both high power applications, or where the need for ultra-precision resistors exists.

Questions to Ask

  • Physical dimensions
  • Operating temperature
  • Wattage
  • Ohmic value
  • Tolerance
  • Packaging requirements
  • Termination styles/materials