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Please browse this section to learn more about the industry's best line card and services for Passives, Interconnect, and Electromechanical products.

We'd like to help make your purchasing job easier. We have the broadest and deepest IP&E inventory in the industry, so please give us a call at 1-877-645-4884 (North America). And, for even better long-term results, get us involved when you're starting a new design or doing component engineering. Our IP&E experience — and database — is unmatched. Why not use us to de-risk your AVL?

Featured Products

Noise Suppression Sheets - Flexield (IFL Series) | TDK

Noise Suppression Sheets - Flexield (IFL Series) | TDK
Noise Suppression Sheets/Magnetic Sheets/Radio Wave Absorbers Flexield. FOR NOISE SUPPRESSION IFL MATERIALS ( more info )

High Density Miniature Circular Connectors (HDMC) | Smiths Connectors Sabritec

Sabritec’s new High Density Miniature Circular Connectors (HDMC) series offers the performance of a MIL-DTL-38999 connector in a smaller size with significant weight savings. The HMDC is offered with Size 23 crimp removable contacts, Size 12 High Frequency Coax (MDHC) contacts, Size 10 High Speed Twinax and rugged Fiber Optic signaling. ( more info )

Hypertronics KVPX Connectors | Smiths Connectors Hypertac

Hypertronics KVPX Series connectors perform under the most severe conditions, giving them the edge in demanding critical applications for military, aerospace, industrial, and medical devices where failure is not an option. ( more info )