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Supply Chain Solutions

Advanced Inventory Management (AIM)

TTI belongs at the top of every company’s roster of supply chain partners because TTI can save you money and protect the flow of incoming materials like no other company can. TTI’s core competency is managing your interconnect, passive, electromechanical, and discrete components. These parts represent 75 percent of your bill of materials, 85 percent of your placements, and typically seven percent of your total spend; so it is critical that these small relatively inexpensive components be handled in an efficient and effective process.

Supply Chain Experts

TTI employs a team of highly-trained and very experienced material management experts. A regional Supply Chain Solutions manager will tour your factory, assess current state and provide recommendations on the appropriate supply chain solution. All this with the intent to dramatically lower total acquisition and inventory management costs.

Customized programs from auto replenishment to TTI's AIM system, we are committed to providing our customers what they need to be able to do there job in the most efficient manor possible. Our supply chain programs are integrated into TTI’s mainstream business through the Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) reservation system — a proprietary software program that is the heart of TTI’s world-class inventory management system. This system was specifically designed to facilitate the management of thousands of low cost passive and interconnect components, improve data processing accuracy, increase product availability to our supply chain customers, and help eliminate non-value added transactions. When customers submit demand requirements to us, AIM automatically reserves the required inventory and issues replenishment orders to our suppliers to fulfill new pipeline demands. And, at any point in time, our program customers can see their current requirements and inventory availability through a unique TTI supply chain portal called ezReview.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Customer Requirements

Auto Replenishment

TTI reserves inventory based on forecast demand and fulfills requirements on released orders (automatically). Auto-Release is a very efficient way to eliminate non-value added activities.

Kanban/Demand Pull

Based on actual material consumption on the production line, a replenishment signal will be sent to TTI. This signal can be automated by standard EDI/SML tranactions or scanning technology. TTI ships the parts after receipt of order notification.

Consignment Inventory

TTI's consigned inventory program will reduce materials procurement lead-time and increase IP&E inventory turnover. TTI will store inventory at the customer site and invoice based on product consumption.

Bonded Inventory (BOND)

TTI will hold inventory based on an agreed quantity in a dedicated buffer stock.

Third-Party Logistics

TTI's supply chain management programs will easily integrate with the requirements of an agreed third-party logistics provider.

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MRP1 is TTI's forecasting tool that allows the customer to send a weekly MRP forecast file to TTI. Automatic release of material is offered through the mapping of customer specified release requirements.


TALON is a comprehensive web based stock room management system that supports lean manufacturing concepts and is designed to dramatically lower acquisition and inventory costs for TTI's customers. (TALON Features & Benefits)

Web Solutions

TTI offers an extensive array of extranet services. These products allow online e-commerce with a direct connection to TTI’s inventory and order management systems. To access any of these services, contact the nearest TTI sales representative at 1-800-CALL-TTI (225-5884). (more Web Solutions)

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