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Welcome to TTI, Inc., we are TDK’s premier authorized distributor of the TDK and EPCOS brands of electronic passive components. As a part of the TDK Group companies, the greatest strength of the two brands is its own core technologies and complete line-up of superior products. The company’s core technologies are materials technology, process technology, and evaluation and simulation technology. Materials technology can be termed the starting point for everything that TDK does. The various technologies derived from the company’s development of ferrite have yielded a rich array of products that meet the demand for smaller, thinner, more lightweight electronic devices. TDK’s process technology is used to process these materials, and to maximize their performance by controlling their characteristics at the nano level. The result is a wide array of capacitors, inductors, circuit protection products, power products, and sensors and actuators. Through this site you may search our huge inventory of TDK and EPCOS passive products. Should you need additional assistance, our customer service team is ready to help at 1-877-645-4TTI.

Featured TDK and EPCOS Products

TDK-EPCOS Products

The Specialist & Agent TDK in "Power Surge"

Working in tandem, The Specialist directs Agent TDK through the crippled building to replace a saw filter here; an electrolytic and multi-layer ceramic capacitor there; new power inductors and transformers in the elevator control room.

Recently Released TDK and EPCOS Products

Multilayer Diplexer | TDK

Multilayer Diplexer | TDK
TDK Corporation has developed a new multilayer diplexer in case size IEC 1005 for the implementation of 2.4 GHz/5 GHz band WLAN in smartphones and other mobile devices. ( more info )

Inductors for Decoupling Circuits | TDK

TDK Inductors for Decoupling Circuits ( more info )

Thin-Film Common Mode Filter (TCM0403R) | TDK

Thin-Film Common Mode Filter (TCM0403R) | TDK
TDK's new TCM0403R is a common mode filter for high-speed differential signal lines, offering EMC suppression by achieving wide frequency range (cutoff frequency of 3GHz or higher) differential mode transmission. ( more info )