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Meet The Specialist

Learn a little more about our new spokesperson and view his latest videos.


Haven't you heard? TTI is looking for a corporate spokesmodel and things are getting interesting.
Experience the insanity.
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More on TTI

When it comes to IP&E electronic components, TTI is your go-to resource with the broadest and deepest inventory in the industry, and a reputation for quality and on-time delivery second to none.
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  • knight

    Sir Andrew

    Chivalry is still going strong thanks to this candidate. His sharp wit and even sharper blade will take him far. But is it enough for him to win this battle?

    tiger roaring

    Tiger Johnson

    A ferocious competitor in every sense of the word, Tiger Johnson does what every other 350 lb tiger does - anything he wants.

    Abe Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

    Being the 16th president is great and all, but "Honest Abe" has had his eye on the TTI Spokesperson job for almost four score and seven days.

  • sheep looking clueless

    Roberto the Sheep

    Finishing at the top of his class at Harvard Law, Roberto hopes to one day lead the fight for livestock rights. But until then, this spokesperson job will suffice.

    Space Princess from somewhere pretty far

    Space Princess

    Hailing from the suburbs in a galaxy far, far away, she's soccer mom royalty. Legend says she even made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs - in a minivan.

    creepy owl

    Oliver the Owl

    Who's the one candidate that scored a 1580 on the SAT, holds degrees from 6 universities, and can devour an entire mouse in one bite? Oliver is who.

  • parakeet perched

    Preston the Parakeet

    Here's one little bird that's always a big help. Just sit back and let his deep, powerful voice of reason guide you through any situation.

    man in steak costume


    A strong advocate and lobbyist for low-carb / high protein diets, Steak-man really gives the TTI executives something to chew on that is USDA approved.

    tortoise moving extremely slow

    Tom the Tortoise

    Tom is headed no where fast. They say slow and steady wins the race, but that won't help this Tortoise if he never reaches the starting line.

  • buddy the unicorn standing

    Charlie the Octopus

    Who ever said you needed a backbone to be an upstanding individual, never met a cephalopod like Charlie. He's eight tentacles of excellence.

    Cheeseburger with googly eyes

    Cheeseburger Mike

    Don't be fooled by his crazy eyes, Mike has the unique ability to serve-up a conversation that is both rare and well-done, while leaving you hungry for more.

    ferret being adorable

    Harold the Ferret

    What a great little guy. A bit smelly, but an excellent sense of humor. Plus, Harold wrote the book on discrete semiconductors and tantalum capacitors.

  • mermaid filing nails

    The Mermaid

    She proves that beauty is more than skin (or scales) deep. Fish stories aside, lets hope this mermaid isn't the one that got away.

    buddy the unicorn standing

    Buddy the Unicorn

    He has aspirations to be a mythical unicorn and now our spokesmodel. But does Buddy stand a chance at either, or is this endeavor pointless?

    the specialist with a look

    The Specialist

    Government special ops? Super-spy? Master of inter-office disguise? Or just a guy who likes to dress in black and wear sunglasses? We're not really sure.

  • beaver doing the crossword puzzle

    Sports Beaver

    Whether it's hanging out with Cheerleaders, spending time on the sidelines or just enjoying a good crossword puzzle, we're a big fan of Sports Beaver.

    glowing eyes of robotti


    If state-of-the-art electronics is the name of the game then Robotti is a force to be reckoned with. You might just think he was built for a job like this.

    Robot Craig looking classy

    Robot Craig

    Unfortunately, cardboard, some plastic parts and six feet of dryer hose probably won't help him land this job. A noble effort nonetheless.

  • lil' lumberjack signing in

    Lil' Lumberjack

    No obstacle is too large for him. Even though he may be small in stature, he carries a big axe - which thankfully, he left in his car.

    crocodile steve with mouth open

    Crocodile Steve

    Steve must be happy because he loves showing his pearly whites. And his appetite for perfection rivals his appetite for just about everything else.

    angry luchador

    The Luchador

    He really wants this job and will put anybody that opposes him in a sleeper hold. We're not kidding. Have you ever heard a mime scream? Just awful.

  • slithery python

    Python Carl

    He is a very strong candidate (literally), but we're just not sure a snake portrays the right image for us. However, Carl does enjoy giving really big hugs.

    mime expressing horror

    The Mime

    What can you say about a mime that he can't say about himself? Seriously - what?

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