At TTI we’re grateful for our success – beginning in 1971 as one Texan's dream, growing into a global presence and ultimately receiving the honor of becoming a part of the distinguished Berkshire Hathaway family – we understand that people are the foundation of our success. Each and every one of our employees plays a valued role in ensuring we exceed our customer’s expectations.

We’re grateful for our employees and have found that if we do right by them, they will in turn do the right thing for our customers and our suppliers ­– and our business will continue to grow.

For over 40 years our corporate mission has been founded in providing opportunity and security for hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical people and their families.

TTI is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, electro-mechanical and discrete components that exists to accomplish three major goals:

  • Be the most preferred electronics distributor for our customers and suppliers, delivering the right parts exactly on time;
  • Exceed our internal and external customer requirements through continuous improvement;
  • Provide a home for hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical people who believe in this Company and this philosophy.

Paul Andrews
President and CEO

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